Saturday, June 13, 2009

words on saturday nights planning meeting for July event


  1. Meeting went well tonight... I'll post more in the morning. We're shooting for a celebration that goes over three days - July 10, 11, 12.

    If all goes as planned, it'll be a weekend for the ages and one that honors Sean and Gunther in a fitting fashion.

    Will have more info about what was discussed, etc. in the morning.

  2. hey ya'll... those dates are not gonna work... if its gonna be in July it has to be towards the end, for the families sake, they have stuff going on... Will the weekend of July 25th work or maybe the weekend of August first?

  3. We had Sean's family there and they said thoe dates would work. And It was our understanding from Gunther's family it would work as well (a few people at the meeting have been in contact with them).

    What have you heard otherwise?

  4. oh... Jessica called me last night and said that her uncle is getting married that weekend... ??? hmm... ummm... guess we need to confirm that

  5. Just throwing this out there..I went to the Buff & Nightlight events last night working the fundraisers. (The Nightlight raffle generated about $200, if everybody who signed up for a shirt follows through, another $300, don't know yet about the door proceeds or collections at the Buff, but a very successful night!!)

    A lot of people asked me about the JINX meeting & what had been decided, so I gave out that information. I suspect the other people who were at the meeting did the same. The venues & some of the bands are already lined up for those dates.

    With all respect to the families, I think we will create confusion & lose some momentum & participation by changing the plan. B'ham is so sleepy in late summer. A lot of people leave town & lots of bands are off playing festivals & touring.

    When Gwen, Garret & Hans left our meeting they said they viewed this event as more for Donnkie & Gunthers friends & to do what we wanted. Steve & Jessica both said they appreciate what ever people feel motivated to do.

    I would vote for sticking with what was decided at the meeting.

  6. Yeah, that didn't come up. But, would obviously put the brakes on the whole operation. Hmmm....

    The last weekend in July, I'm out - so I can help plan but couldn't attend (which would suck). No festivals appear to be scheduled for early August.

  7. Yes my Uncle is getting Married that weekend of the 10th and has been set up as a a family weekend. I talked to my Mom and she was under the impression when she left the meeting that it was going to be the weekend of July 18th. Even though the event is more for Sean and Gunther's friends, the families would like to attend and be there. If it is the weekend of July 11th, Seans family will not be able to attend except for my Dad.

    Weekend of July 11th excluded which weekend works out best for everyone?

  8. Oh geez, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Obviously, the event won't happen on a weekend the family can't be there.

    The following weekend is the 17/18/19. There were complications with the venues at that point, but we could still pursue it with with a little shifting around (Saturday is open at the Nightlight).

    The 24/25/26 is another possibility, though I won't be able to make, I have family obligations.

    That leads up the 31/1/2, another option.

    I'm not sure what the concensous is, if we want to try and move it the following weekend or choose another after that. I'm open to any weekend that the families can attend. Are there any other weekends that don't work?

    And to the families: I want to reiterate that nothing here happens without your ok. Everyone will do whatever works best for you.

  9. Is there a new date for the Guntie & Donker Bash? Brent, your post from Sunday sounds like you've been in touch with Boundary. At the meeting I was going to contact them to confirm the 11th. If you haven't cancelled that are you going to? or should I? I'm down to help out.

  10. we will know by the end of the week and Brent will contact anybody he needs help from. Thanks!

  11. hey all....just wondering if there is any set date yet for the boys' july event?
    Are we thinking July 10, 11, 12? Just want to know if I need to change plans incase theres something concrete. Thanks.-MAggie

  12. We're lookin at the 17th, 18th, 19th at this point... have the 17th and 18th venues dialed in.

    I believe we're having another meeting on Monday.