Monday, June 8, 2009


Lea Kelley said...


We will be meeting at 10 am Greyhound Parking Lot (Same Place)
Next to the ferry terminal in Fairhaven.

If you cannot be there at 10:00am and arrive later, look for a Burgundy Dodge Truck.
The back of the truck will be open and you will find maps, water, and the phone numbers of Lea or Jeff to let you know where to go.

We have found debris from the boat and are forming an idea of other places to focus our search according to the tides and currents.

Things to bring:
The things some of you have found 
Charged cell phones

Thank you for all the searchers today and also to the second group this evening.
We will keep at it.


  1. melissa said...
    Tam said...
    Just a thought... does anyone know about Point Whitehorn? There is a new trail, .34 mi in, but an easy access down to beach. Take Grandview road exit 266 (North I-5) Past Ferndale. Take a left onto Grandview. Travel Grandview all the way, almost to end... you might start feeling lost after the road turns passed the refinories, but after the road turns there is a new driveway and trailhead sign on left. If anyone feels like a walk... lots of beach access though! I am planning on heading down tomorrow 10ish am.. does anyone wanna join me? 223.4620

    Peace and positive thoughts, Tammy Magner (Irving)

  2. FYI Skagit Coop is trying to line up a pizza delivery to the truck... Enjoy and please make sure we stay tidy. Thank you

  3. Thank you to everyone that came out tonight! We covered a lot of land area so awsome job everyone! Rita found a white vinyl seat cushion by Cherry point. Brooke and her friend found a tan bag and a deflated life raft close to Boulavard park. Of course we do not know if any of these items are from Gunther's boat but they might be worth noting. I still have not recieved a call about the plane that was searching the area. Kyle, or Kyle's friends, can you please let us know the areas searched and if anything was found?


  4. See YOU, Family, and Friends at TEN. What the Heck, Strangers too. There is always more ground that can be covered. And a HUGE tip of the hat and a pat on the back to you ALL.

  5. I've confirmed that Pizza Time will be donating pizzas (possibly up to 10) and the owner will deliver them at 10am to you guys at the Greyhound Station.

    If you guys need another round of pizza in the evening, Pizza Pipeline has agreed to donate 10 pizzas. They CAN'T deliver them, but can have them ready at 5:30 for someone to pick them up on their way to the station. If someone can pick them up, please call Katie at 647-3600 no later than 4pm! If she doesn't receive a call by 4pm to confirm pickup, they won't make the pizzas.

    Also, can someone PLEASE bring a few garbage bags tomorrow so the pizza boxes can be trashed without a big mess?

    I'm not able to be up there, so hopefully this helps you guys out.

    Amy Sible

  6. Thanks for setting that up Amy. If a search party is needed in the evening again, I don't mind picking the pizza's up. I will check in with Lea tomorrow to see how it went for them.

  7. (posted also to Search Party Update)
    We checked south of Chuckanut Bay. Couldn't get to the north shore of Governor's Point, but looked over Wildcat Cove and accessible parts of Larrabee. Hit everything we could reach from there down to Blanchard. Skipped Clayton Beach since plenty of cars were parked, figured it was covered. Checked the mouth of Oyster Creek and dodged through the tunnel to check the cove north. Didn't go out to the camp at Dogfish cause folks are always there. Also skipped the nude beach at Partridge Point as folks are always there if it's sunny. Had a pretty good look on down to Blanchard some ways past the wrecked boat at the end of the old sea wall. But there is plenty more we didn't get to on out to Samish Island. We left word with locals down at Taylor shellfish and they will pass it on to folks who live south, past Chuckanut Manor.

  8. I can't be there until much later in the day and then only have about a 2-hour window before heading home to my kids. If there is anything I can do between 4 and 6 tomorrow evening, please let me know.
    Aimee 223/1808

  9. Checked the wind archives at the B'ham airport and tides at;type=graph;gx=1280;gy=480;caltype=ndp;interval=00%3A01;glen=2;fontsize=%2B0;units=feet;year=2009;month=06;day=04;hour=00;min=00;tzone=local;d_year=;d_month=01;d_day=01;d_hour=00;d_min=00;ampm24=24;colortext=black;colordatum=white;colormsl=yellow;colortics=red;colorday=skyblue;colornight=deep-%3Cbr%20%2F%3Eskyblue;colorebb=seagreen;colorflood=blue;site=Chuckanut%20Bay%2C%20Bellingham%20Bay%2C%20Washington. Wind came up SE hard and kept up for a few hours moderating and clocking southerly. The tide was full and slack when the boat was knocked down, but the ebb was a big one, nearly ten feet, draining hard from about 2:00. Stuff floating on the surface would have been driven north by the wind, but folks in the water would likely have gone south with the tide. It was a seven hour ebb. If they averaged 1.5 knots, they could have ended up 10 miles south of Clarke's Point. I think looking south is a higher priority.

  10. has anyone heard anything about the meeting with donnkie's family and the women who were on board when the scumdinger went down?

  11. I'm coming tomorrow but I don't have a cell phone.
    I figure I can buddy up with someone who does. Two sets of eyes are better than one. And I really cant stand just sitting at home and not helping anymore.

  12. Hey guys, I was with Jessica and her dad Steve when the talked to the girls last night. So here is all the information we got from them just incase it hasn't been added yet.

    The trip out was normal not even enough wind to sail so they used the outboard. On thewasback it was enough wind to actually sail so they put up and pulled the motor out of the water. At some point the wind got worse which as we all have heard pushed the boat over. All 6 tried to bring the boat upright but when they realized that wasn't gonna work they climed on top on the hull of the boat that was out of the water. The weight of all 6 people on top was causing the boat to sink so Sean, Gunther and the two girls decided to swim while the other guy and girl stayed with the boat. Sean told them once you hit the water you swim hard and you swim fast cause you only have 20 mins to get to shore. They all 4 dove in and started swimming but in no time were spread out. Sean and Gunther on the outside edges with the girls in the center.

    The girl who made it to shroe stated that the only reasean she feels she got the was due to the current and the waves. At one point she turned around and saw how spread out they were and swam back to Sean but he told herto just keep swimming and don't stop till you get there. Once she got the the beach she turned to look back and couldn't see the boat or the other three people in the water. At that point is when she entered the woods where she yelled for help, she heard whistles back and forth for anout 30 mins but wasn't able to tell where they were coming from or who it was.

    The girl who was stranded on the cliff wears glasses and lost them when the boat capsized. She was very disoriented and doesn't remember much except swiming till she hit the cliff. The cliff was 60 feet at it's lowest point which is where she believesshe wasstranded at. She was there for approx 4 hrs until the CG rescued her.

    They did let us know that Sean was wearing khaki shorts and a white t-shirt and his Billy Goat hat, and gunther was in shorts and a blue t-shirt. All of them had flip flops on. But were not sure of the colors for those.

    It was very hard forthem to even tell the few details that they had but I thank them for finally getting ahold of the family.

    As for the areas that I assisted in searching today, Jessica, Tess, Erin and I searched Mud Bay from the tressel all along the inner cove in all the little nooks and caverns when the tide was out around 1PM.

    We did find a single blue old navy flip flop appx size 11, at mud bay when you first come off the tracks in the derift wood debree but are not sure if it belong to any of the boys.

    Hopefully all this information elps you that are still helping search. I thank you all very much for your dedication and support.

    Jesika T

  13. thanks for posting that jesika. i wish we knew more but its more than i knew before so thank you!