Saturday, June 13, 2009

photobucket account

from Jesika T
Hey guys, so by request of Donnkie's sister Jessica, we are going to set up a photobucket account so that if any of you have pictures of the guys, no matter how old, no matter what they are, you can post them here and it will be a revolving project and a way for everyone to remember these two amazing people. 

The username is DonnkieandGunther Password is ScumDinger. If you can't figure how to add pictures feel free to email them to Jessica at

Again thank you to everyone for their continuing efforts and support to the family and friends. It still amazes me how many people have been touched by these two guys and how many people have com forward with help in so many different ways. 

Thank you to all of the local stores and resturaunts that have helped feed us and sustain us throughout the last week. Without you it would have been much more difficult.

Thank you are amazing!!!


  1. I have tried several times to log in to add photos and it keeps telling me the log in info is incorrect. Melissa or Jesika could you guys verify the log in info above. Thanks!!

  2. Hey, I just had to try typing it in the password a couple times, it does work, but maybe it is just picky...

  3. the password is "scumdinger" no caps, if you use caps it will not work.