Tuesday, June 30, 2009

upcoming dates...

Here is some updated information for the upcoming events.  The times have not yet been confirmed.  
  • The 17th is going to be at Boundary (silent auction, sugar sugar sugar, ladies of the night, and the all nighters) ,
  • the 18th at Nightlight (slideshow, raffle, the trucks, a gun that shoots knives, the daffodills, and maybe me doing some beck covers) 
  • the 19th at the skatepark (skate jam and raffle with dj's). 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lets get back out there!!! Week 3 and 4 are really important. If there is any hope left out there, now is the time to act on it...

jeff myers said...

I am planning on getting on the water this weekend. Sun. for sure and Sat. if I finish my work on the island in time. I was on Orcas today and am going back tomorrow till?. There was a lot of boat traffic today, as well as, a bunch of sea junk due to the high tide. I have room for three maybe four.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am looking for images of Donnkie's artwork

I am trying to have thank you cards printed up and I am looking for any images of Donnkie's artwork that might be out there.   If you have some of his work and can snap a photo of it for me that would be great.  Just make sure it is pretty clear!  Thanks... useathimble@gmail.com

(nora has most of Gunther's work so she will be bringing that)

Just found this post, anybody know what to tell her, or want to go look at them?

anniednaleri said...

it's monday now, i hope people are still checking this part of the blog. i live in mud bay, not far from where their boat washed up. today i found a pair of blue old navy boxer shorts in a size large. they have a twisted rope design throughout the short and the main color is navy blue.

let me know what i should do with these.

3604212157 or einna421@hotmail.com

annie ireland

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

compiled list of generous businesses that have helped so far...

Thank you Nancy!

Please continue adding to this list!


examplesofagirl said...

Myself and Sarah Tisdale were talking about getting together and working on setting up an event here in Portland. Of course we want to make sure that we don't overlap the Bellingham event.

If anyone in Portland is interested in working on this with us, please feel free to contact me via email: Rachael @ Glam-r-us@hotmail.com or Sarah @ sarahtisdale@gmail.com

I've emailed Michelle Schutte about this, but I know she is a busy lady, in hopes to have a direct Bellingham contact. If anyone in Bellingham would like to be involved in a Portland event, I would love that as well.

-Rachael Manley

search efforts for Wed, Thurs & Fri

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bank Account for Donations

A bank account for donations to both Sean and Gunther has been set up.  The money will be used to help offset any debt incurred for the search or used by the families in anyway they see fit.  Thank you for any and all contributions, everything helps.  

Bank of America- just go to the counter and ask to put money into the account of JESSICA MANSFIELD and give them Account #:41229865

easy as pie.

search efforts for this week

anybody going out?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos and Video Footage


In addition to the photobucket account, we are working on compiling photos and video footage of Sean and Gunther, to be used in some of the memorial events, and ultimately to be given to the families.

Please send all Sean-related stuff to Michelle Schutte- info@jinxartspace.com

And all Gunther-related stuff to Nora Hughes- norafelicity@yahoo.com

We also have access to scanners, so if you have any film or negatives, we would love that to be included.

Thank you so much.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

photobucket account

from Jesika T
Hey guys, so by request of Donnkie's sister Jessica, we are going to set up a photobucket account so that if any of you have pictures of the guys, no matter how old, no matter what they are, you can post them here and it will be a revolving project and a way for everyone to remember these two amazing people. 

The username is DonnkieandGunther Password is ScumDinger. If you can't figure how to add pictures feel free to email them to Jessica at DonnkieandGunther@Gmail.com

Again thank you to everyone for their continuing efforts and support to the family and friends. It still amazes me how many people have been touched by these two guys and how many people have com forward with help in so many different ways. 

Thank you to all of the local stores and resturaunts that have helped feed us and sustain us throughout the last week. Without you it would have been much more difficult.

Thank you everyone.......you are amazing!!!

words on saturday nights planning meeting for July event

special notes

Saturday night

cheri said...

I'll be at the art installation in the ally by the Wild Buffalo for a while & then over to the Nightlight later with a sign up sheet for the T-shirts. You can get all the details about the shirt under that heading on this blog. An account has been set up, holliehuthman@gmail.com is the contact for that) for the funds raised by different activities. 

Also, for anybody wanting to get involved in the big July commemoration event, the meeting is tonight at 6pm at JINX artspace. I encourage people to get involved, it does help to have an avenue for all the emotions this sad event has created. We can celebrate their love of life by remembering them joyfully.

...about 9:30 or so head to the Nightlight to see some bands.  Flann has set up a raffle with some tickets to see the Roller Betties and some gift certificates to Casa... 

Friday, June 12, 2009

saturday search efforts


If you feel like getting out tonight here are the things I know that are going on....

SEAN MANSFIELD AND GUNTHER FRANK MEMORIAL An open community memorial will be constructed as a part of the Urban Music Festival this weekend in Bellingham to remember 2 dear friends. Sean's art will be on display from last year's UMF. Please bring items that you would like to contribute. It will be located in the alley outside Boundary on Friday and outside of the Buffalo on Saturday.

Ladies of the Night are playing at the Rogue Hero... I don't know of any specific fundraising attempts there but I am sure friends will be there...

contact list update

If you would like to add yourself to this contact list with email or phone number please do! Just leave it as a comment
LAND- Lea 360.510.3658 

WATER- Jeff, 223-2327

AIR- kyle 360-961-7474 Maria-360-510-2942


cheri said...

Important change for Friday, for those who want to keep searching, our meet point is now at the Squalicum Marina, Gate 9 (close to Bayside Cafe), 10am. This is due to the Alaska Ferry loading up in Fairhaven & generating lots of traffice etc. in the area.

There will be food & water, generously donated by lots of eateries here in town, today Trader Joe's pitched in, THANK YOU ALL!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Potential Celebration Show Meeting

Hi ya'll - this is Brent, I'm looking after the blog in the evening while Melissa takes a break.

There will be a meeting for the July celebration of Sean and Gunther show at Jinx on Saturday at 6pm. Anyone who is interested in helping with the event, please come to the meeting. We won't be covering any other fundraising events that have been talked about, necessarily, just the July show.

Also, there are several folks who are ready to go with getting the event(s) organized. If everyone could please hold off till we all meet and come up with a plan, that would be fantastic. There are people going in different directions and we need to be on the same page before we proceed.

That being said, thank you to all who have expressed interest - it's been overwhelming. I'm amazed and in awe of the energy everyone has... Thank you.

Finally, and I might be speaking out of turn, but tomorrow could be a good day to just breath. Everyone searching should obviously continue (which has been amazing). But, it has been an incredible week - intense and awful beyond many of our imaginations. Please take some time to take care of yourself, love of your family, love your friends, and breath. And think good thoughts (or pray) for the guys and their families.

Just a little bit about this blog.

I just wanted to say that I created this blog so we can all communicate about the search and fundraising efforts.  It is a forum for us all to communicate about what is going on.  It is NOT a place for judgements or ANYTHING that is not in the best interest of our efforts.  Any posts that even have a hint of negativity will be deleted.  I am not trying to offend anyone but we need to keep this a safe place for everybody to come and be in the know about the efforts of our community.  Please keep all posts specifically about our efforts.  It is OK to express your love for our friends and thank people, but there is a lot of information on here and we should try and keep it simple and straight forward.
Another concern that has been expressed is that there are two different trains of thought on wether we should still be searching or not. There is room for both and we need to respect each other and support each other no matter what.  Everyone needs to take care of each other in this crazy, confusing time.  We are all a part of a community that needs to stay strong and not let our personal beliefs come between us. 
It is very important for everybody to be taking care of themselves right now and taking care of each other too.  PLEASE, PLEASE stay positive and supportive, no matter which side of the fence you are on.  Keep our blog a safe place for everyone.  





If you live in the area, please order and pick up your shirt via WWS (due to high shipping cost if ordered via website, $4.95 flat rate fee). Remember, we are trying to raise money to help a cause, and paying the postal service is not where we want the funds to be allocated. If you live out of the area, you can purchase either shirt via our website,www.MountainMilitiaClothing.com, but there will be a $4.95 dollars shipping fee for up to two shirts, and another $4.95 for every additional envelope sent (up to 2 shirts, but not exceeding 2 shirts per envelope).  The shirts should be on the website by Thursday afternoon, as well as the lists, and sample tees dropped of to WWS. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me @ Andy@MountainMilitiaClothing.com.   Thank you everyone who helped and donated what ever resources they had to make all of this happen!  

we are still searching

an evolving memorial over the weekend

acornprojectmusic said...

Hi, my name is Sam and I play in Acorn Project. We are hosting our Urban Music Festival this weekend at Boundary Bay Brewery/The Wild Buffalo on Friday, and at the Wild Buffalo on 2 stages on Saturday.

Donkey and Gunther were both friends of ours, Gunther has photographed us several times in the past, and Donkey created an art installation piece at the Urban Music Festival last year. We have that piece still and are going to set it up outside of Boundary Bay in the alley on Friday, and in the alley outside of the Buffalo on Saturday. We would like to welcome those who are interested to contribute anything that reminds them of Sean and Gunther to what will become an evolving memorial over the weekend. This will be accessible to the entire community, and you don't need to pay admission to contribute to the memorial.

We will photograph the memorial as it evolves over the weekend, and will decide what to do with it at the end of the weekend (maybe just leave it set up). 

Sean and Gunther were dear to many in our community, and what happened is a tragedy. This will be one of many ways for people to connect through their loss and remember Sean and Gunther for the fabulous people they are. Please spread this information if you would like to.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lots of flip flops found @ teddy bear cove

check under wednesday updates from searchers  for details

SATURDAY (july sometime)

somewhere, somebody, something... big 
Carey and Brent are on it...  (carey@cascadiaweekly.com or brent@whatsup-magazine.com)

SATURDAY (june 20th)

The Copper Hog- sugar sugar sugar and others (?) w/ Silent Auction  and art show featuring Donkee and Gunthers art 1-5pm (?)

SATURDAY (june 13th)

Nitelite- Styff Anyss (also 9ish?)

FRIDAY (june 12th)

Rogue Hero- Ladies of the Night and the All Nighters (9ish)


It has been a long and hard week for everyone- and everyone needs some rest.  Our friends are still out there, so lets keep searching, but maybe on a more individual basis.  Turning our energy to supporting the families in this crazy time with a more creative outlet seems to be where people are going... so, lets roll with it.  

After speaking with other people we have narrowed down a little bit of a schedule and I will post headings with each event so we can all be a part of the plan.

If any of these things are incorrect please let me know ASAP so I can change them, but as things go these are the events in our future.

Ladies of the night and the All Nighters are playing at the Rogue Hero in Bellingham 

We don't know yet how this will become part of the benefit, but if you have ideas or can get anything together, please do so... (items for a raffle?)  If nothing else we are sure a bunch of Donk and Gunthers friends will be there.

Styff Anyss is playing at the Nitelite.  Flann is getting everything together, so show up and have a great time.

- There are two opportunities for us to try to raise some money this weekend, if anybody up there is able to follow through and make it happen, please let us know and go for it.


SATURDAY JUNE 20TH- Lupe who works at the Copper Hog has secured the afternoon there for us... from say... 1-5?  Her and her band are willing to play and said if anybody wants to join them that would be great.  And with that event it would be cool to do an art show of Donkee and Gunther's artwork maybe along with the silent auction... They have a huge space and outdoor patio by the farmers market which could be really cool.
So we need organizers for the Auction, people to get donations and people to set it up and work it.
We will also need someone to organize the art show part, she said we could hang art outside as well as inside.
Who can volunteer for this?


The date is TBA and the event is what ever they come up with-
Brent from What's Up! Magazine and Carey from Cascadia Weekly are up for making something big happen... so we should let them run with it and help with whatever they might need.

Whatever you can do as far as timing or organization or money or donations or love and support with these events would be awesome.  
-Get in where you fit in! 

Boundary Bay Brewery would still love to help, so if you can think of anything... (like maybe the community garage sale...?) Let me know and we should work it in.
I think people down in portland might be trying to put something together at the Sandy Hut, so we'll keep you posted!

xoxoxox to everyone.

what does everyone think?

Thursday night plan

Thursday day plan

wednesday updates from searchers


m said...

Kara -- looks fantastic! This is exactly what we need. Maybe the best thing is to invite others who've been searching to input their info directly into the map.

One suggestion -- please include AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE (date searched, who searched, mode of travel, etc).

Here's a link to the map: 



We are trying to put together a map of places that have been searched and locations of items found. If you have been out there searching or have found an item please leave a comment under this heading or email kara@bellinghamcreative.com. Also, if you have been out there you are amazing! (everyone in this effort is amazing!!)

Anyone good with google maps?!

can any tech savvy types make a google (KML) map of where searching has occured, where objects were found etc. Such a map can be viewed by anyone using google maps. This would help avoid duplicating search efforts and might attract some knowlegeable eyeballs (people who know the sound's currents).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


jeff myers said...



A lot of people are interested in getting money to these families to help with costs incurred and help pay the debt they are getting in.  I am working on getting a paypal account set up for them and will post the link as soon as I do under this heading.  

Other things that have been mentioned for fundraising efforts are:
-Andy from Mountain Militia will be dedicating his web site to the T-shirts he is creating in Donkey and Gunthers honor, I am sure they will be sweet.  -Boundary Bay is willing to donate their space to us for a fundraising event.  So we need to come up with ideas and make something happen there.
-Dave Hobb's has a snowboard video of Donkey's called Ill Shit.... Maybe we can have an Ill Shit part...!...?  anybody good at putting together parties like this?
-I think Gunther's Brother is in the process of making stickers.
-I also heard that there might be some things being lined up for the weekend of the 20th...?  anybody know more?  

This has been an amazing experience.  Even from Portland I can see the Bellingham community pulling together in such amazing ways.  And all of us friends and family a little further away are in awe of this effort and are all willing to do whatever we can to help.  It is not over yet.  Keep up the hard work everyone. 

Lets try to get these families a little money back in their pockets.  They have gone into a very deep debt with this search and spent much of their resources.  Their stress level is high enough without adding financial worries on, so anything we can do to help reduce potential worry will help them all.  

Any ideas are welcome and stay tuned for the Paypal acct info.

Items Found

WEDNESDAY Search Details/Plans

Hi guys, we currently have some folks out in the water, a helicopter in the air, and some folks on land. 

Tomorrow please meet same place, same time. Greyhound parking at 10am. Lea will be there to coordinate. The poor woman needs a break from the sun so she will send folks off and then head for shade. Thanks for the hard work Lea!

Tues Night Search update

One last update. I (elenaita) will be taking over for Lea at 5:15 at the greyhound parking lot. Pizzapipeline will be donating 10 pizza's for those searching and they will arrive at 6pm. Please check with me at the parking lot before going out to search so we can keep track of everyone and point people to the right areas. 




Need to know specifically what he was wearing or if someone could go to the meeting spot and try and identify them....  Navy shirt and grey shorts...

does anybody know Gunther's boat registration #?


FYI about getting media involved.

Please if the media gets involved more than it is...
 MAKE SURE they are extremely sensitive with our cause.  
We are looking for our friends and would like help from the community, BUT PLEASE LEAVE IT AT THAT.  
We DO NOT want a circus and this is a very fragile time for a lot of people.  

Media- please respect our wishes.

contact list

Its probably easiest if people joining the search can contact the coordintators...

LAND- Lea 360.510.3658 

WATER- Jeff, 223-2327

AIR- kyle 360-961-7474 Maria-360-510-2942

NIGHT elena-360.220.6875

tuesday updates



I would like to get a new section going on getting people to search the more remote forested areas of bordering Bellingham/Chuckanut bay islands on foot. We searched by air this afternoon and realized that our best ally as pilots is to have people looking through the woods on the shorelines of the remote islands in this area that cannot be searched by car or air. We need boats to drop off, and monitor, ground search crews in the islands. There are many islands to search, and we need all you boaters and walkers to cover the ground that cannot be seen from the air.

From an airplane we can cover most shorelines/beaches and open water—but WE CANNOT SEARCH THE FORESTS on these remote, and often uninhabited islands near us. We need people to be prepared to hike the forests on the local islands when they come to the GREYHOUND terminal at 10 a.m.

You will coordinate with boaters as to which islands each group will take.

ELIZA ISLAND: will be covered by NICK ENNEN




More to follow…SEE YOU AT 10AM

My cell 360-961-7474

Maria 360-510-2942


tuesday night planning

Monday, June 8, 2009


Lea Kelley said...


We will be meeting at 10 am Greyhound Parking Lot (Same Place)
Next to the ferry terminal in Fairhaven.

If you cannot be there at 10:00am and arrive later, look for a Burgundy Dodge Truck.
The back of the truck will be open and you will find maps, water, and the phone numbers of Lea or Jeff to let you know where to go.

We have found debris from the boat and are forming an idea of other places to focus our search according to the tides and currents.

Things to bring:
The things some of you have found 
Charged cell phones

Thank you for all the searchers today and also to the second group this evening.
We will keep at it.

need help identifying found objects

Does anybody know what shoes they were wearing or what might have been in the boat?  Some things are washing ashore, but we don't know if they were theirs or not...  and if we should look harder in that area...  anybody?


If any kayakers are able to go out tomorrow and start searching around the shores in the area that would be really helpful

Search Party Update:

Lea Kelley said...

Search Party Update:

Today we covered the entire coastal part of the Bay from Fairhaven to the Lummi on Foot.
Jeff is still out with the boats.
Orange Life Jacket spotted on Portage Island turned out to be a can.
There is a search plane up right now and will be up again tomorrow.
Jeff and Joel are going back to Chuckanut with the boat this evening.

Day Search Party Has just handed off the Baton to the Evening Search Party— contact Elena to volunteer.

Thank you Boundary Bay and Skagit Co-op for the food and water and coffee. We appreciated it so much.
Leftovers have been donated to the family.
If folks would like to regroup again tomorrow call Lea at 360-510-3658

A wonderful group of people worked very hard today at Searching.
Thank you all so much.


I just spoke with a couple of people that were out there today and apparently they didn't see anyone but the close family and friends...???  It sounds like, on here, that there are many people out searching, but that is not the case.  If you can, I know this is hard, but please try to support these families and bring their children home...

pilot looking for some support

Kyle Martin said...

I am a friend and pilot looking for some support to fund aircraft rental to help the search from the air. anything would help. my cell is 360-961-7474. my friend jamie has been trying to round up some air support too, and the more the better. we can really cover some ground, so your support will pay off. please call with any ideas, we need binocs too and extra eyes. so you could get a plane ride out of it if that stokes you out, whatever it takes! positivity and thanks

Tuesday search... ideas and contacts

Monday night search

more info

The families and the girls are all meeting this morning to talk.  The girls are all really shaken with tons of scrapes and scratches all stitched up-up their legs.

Donkee was wearing Khaki shorts, white t shirt and a hat that said Billy Goat.  
Gunther was wearing a blue shirt and shorts (don't know color)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

monday search details

Parking lot Greyhound Station 11am. All Help welcome!

Bring a map
Watercraft if you have it.
life jackets
optimism and hope.  

We need a leader!

I live in Portland and am here now, creating this site has been the only way for me to contribute to the efforts... I think everyone could benefit from having some direction. So if anyone is able to take the reigns on this one and make some calls, set up a meeting point (like one of the harbors) and a meeting time that everyone could gather, then spread out that would be great. Bring maps and make a plan. Gunther and Sean COULD still be ALIVE!!! Can anyone do this? Please...

monday search

Low tide at noon.  Lots of people want to help, please network and get together.  The main post below has some numbers and info that might be helpful including boats.  We must find these two, do what you can when you can to be out there looking...  love and hope...

part found

Hollie said...

Sounds like the boat's rudder may have been found north of little squalicum. A group of us will be searching in that area. Call me at 510-0782 if you'd like more information.

about them. links and stuff


Thank you to everyone out searching.  The Skagit Valley food coop will be bringing a food and water donation to the area around 5pm to either Clarkes point or Post Point, please find them and thank them.  Also, help make sure any trash is cleaned up.  
It sounds like communication has started happening between the families and the people that made it to shore.  Details of their stories are still surfacing, but as time passes we all need to stay possitive and think creatively about how to find them or where they might be.  Lets all be in touch about these details.  They are out there somewhere.  
If any of the searchers are able to keep us posted on what the search looks like and how it is going please do so.  

Sunday search

low tide at 11am bring friends and help find friends...  Post point and Clarke point.


The families must talk with the people that made it to shore.  The police won't give any information about them...  If you know them, or know who they are, pleeeaaase tell them to get in touch with one of the families.  Especially the girl that made it to the rock.  They might have important information that could help.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

looking for information

crclawson said...

Today Gunthers family removed the Scumdinger and everything else washed ashore. If anything else is found please try and get it to Pieter Vanzanden. Gunther's mom would really like to have any/all posessions found which belong to him and I am sure the same goes for Donkee's family. 
Any information about the survivors and their story would be very welcome as it seems that near everyone has had no contact with any of them. Names I have heard thrown around are a guy named Kelly; a girl named Mara and another maybe Angela? 

The most recent story I heard is that Gunther, Donkee and two girls began swimming to shore shortly after the boat capsised. The other guy and the last girl stayed with the boat for at least an hour after the rest begain swimming. Possibly to try and rescue the dog but I am not sure. During that time apparently they heard both distressed yells as well as "victorious" yells which led them to believe the others had made it. I believe that is the point at which they swam to shore and got there safely. 
If this is a close account of what happened it would be great to hear from the girls who began swimming with Donkee and Gunther. 

I just want them home.

Sean Mansfield Gunther Jose Frank

can anybody get food and water donations set up for searchers tomorrow?

Please look in the surrounding WOODS during your search.

Just talked to Sean's sister.

She said tomorrow the tide goes out at 11am be either at post point or clark point by 9:30 and spread out.  WE NEED TO FIND THEM.  If you see people just sitting around ask them to get up and look harder.  Time is crucial, bring everyone you know and help!!!!

What is the search scene looking like? How can people help?

Here is a place for us to communicate about our friends.

Lets try and keep this a safe place to keep in touch with updates and search efforts.  We love you guys and need you to be home safe and soon.