Monday, June 8, 2009

pilot looking for some support

Kyle Martin said...

I am a friend and pilot looking for some support to fund aircraft rental to help the search from the air. anything would help. my cell is 360-961-7474. my friend jamie has been trying to round up some air support too, and the more the better. we can really cover some ground, so your support will pay off. please call with any ideas, we need binocs too and extra eyes. so you could get a plane ride out of it if that stokes you out, whatever it takes! positivity and thanks


  1. Rounded up some money for gas, thanks everyone, we can use more money to for more time to search, anything helps.

    we need high powered binoculars anyone? please contact the pilot, Kyle Martin at (360) 961-7474 they will be taken care of and returned by the end of today's search.

    Love, Maria

  2. Search Party Update:

    Today we covered the entire coastal part of the Bay from Fairhaven to the Lummi on Foot.
    Jeff is still out with the boats.
    Orange Life Jacket spotted on Portage Island turned out to be a can.
    There is a search plane up right now and will be up again tomorrow.
    Jeff and Joel are going back to Chuckanut with the boat this evening.

    Day Search Party Has just handed off the Baton to the Evening Search Party— contact Elena to volunteer.

    Thank you Boundary Bay and Skagit Co-op for the food and water and coffee. We appreciated it so much.
    Leftovers have been donated to the family.
    If folks would like to regroup again tomorrow call Lea at 360-510-3658

    A wonderful group of people worked very hard today at Searching.
    Thank you all so much.