Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday night plan


  1. Hi guys, I need to pass the torch to someone else to coordinate the Thursday night search. I am physicaly and emotionaly beat and we need someone that has a clearer mind then I do at this point. I will, of course, continue to search and help any way I can. Please post here if you are willing to take the lead.

    Thanks to all of you!

  2. Tom from Fairhaven Pizza (1217 Harris Ave) will be donating tonight's dinner (Thursday) if someone can coordinate a pickup with him.

    Please call him at 756-7561.

    I will be working late tonight, so it might be difficult for me to setup breakfast for tomorrow. If someone knows that can do the pickup in the morning, I can try my best to get it coordinated now.


  3. I actually just setup Colophon Cafe in Fairhaven for breakfast on Friday morning. They will have bagels, muffins, french baguettes and honey wheat rolls ready at 8am if anyone can pick them up. If you go that early, the front doors will be locked - but you can enter from the back of the building. Otherwise, you can get them a little bit later after the store opens. I will post this under Friday Day Search as well. Thanks to those helping pick up the food since we're not able.

  4. If somebody hasn't already agreed to pick up breakfast I can do it. Is everyone meeting at the Greyhound station again?

  5. by the way this is Tina North-my e-mail address is

  6. I don't know if it is needed but I have the" know how" to print any of Gunthers old negs. I will volunteer my time to do the printing for the fund raising, if you know were the negs are. I have most of the equipment I just need a gray-lab (timer) for my enlarger. I also have some photo paper will donate to the cause, and I can get the chemistry. Just contact me if you think it will help. Barb (360)441-9641