Friday, June 19, 2009



    JUNE 19TH and 20TH, 2009
    Kickin’ off summer with a grunt!

    Clam Jerky (formerly Sack Lunch) 7:15 pm
    Bent Grass 8:45 pm
    The Northfork Renegades 10:15 pm
    Clam Jerky 11:30 pm

    BigAssLetDown 12:00 noon
    Gray Scale 1:30 pm
    One More Notch 2:15 pm
    The Dating Pool 3:00 pm
    Little Children 4:45 pm
    Kreg Pressley 6:00 pm
    Old Man Winter 7:00 pm
    Post Adolescence 8:30 pm
    Motorik 10:00 pm
    At The Spine 11:15 pm
    Fanny Alger 12:30 am



    full family friendly until 9pm

  2. This weekend (starting tonight) there is a weekend long, 2nd annual, music festival in Maple Falls at Joowana, coined Joowanaroo2. I have talked to one of the owners of Joowana (who also knew Sean) and we thought it would be a good venue to let people possibly display artwork and provide an open jar for donations to go to the families of Sean and Gunther over the weekend. If you'd like more details or info please feel free to call me or email me at this address. I will be headed up there tonight and will be there all weekend. Joowana is owned by Kelly Jo Legaz and Dave Reera, I have been speaking with Dave a bit this week about all of this. It's informal but it's something....I'm sure Sean would have been at Joowana sometime over the weekend for the music so it seems fitting. Perhaps you could post this on the blog for all to see?

    -from Troy Brown

    Maybe we can get him Sean's big piece from Sam with Acorn Progect?...
    any other thoughts?

  3. Transworld Snowboarding Magazine article:

  4. Is there any fund raising being done for Gunther's Family?

  5. I was under the impression that the fundraising efforts are a joint thing.

  6. all of the fundraising that is being done will be for both families and I am under the impression that the proceeds will be split evenly. there was talk of setting up seperate accts though, for people who just wanted to support one or the other. I will keep you posted if I hear anything more on that.
    Jeff, Fundraisers are intended to be a joint thing. Troy sent me that letter to be posted on the blog and I am under the impression they just wanted to put a jar out for people to donate money at the event...
    I wish I was there, but I am not...

  7. Dang it. Was hoping to meet ya.

  8. Does any know how are the survivors doing are they getting help too? It may be a bit hard to pick up life again right away for them.

  9. I was wondering that too. For example, are they able to pay rent this month? Have they been back to work?

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  11. jeff i just wanted to let you know i agree with you, i said the same thing when i read that but was in no way shape or form my place to comment on it, but you did and i agree...if youre still out searching this week id like to help

  12. Jeff, I totally understand where you are coming from and share your frustration, and I know what a tough subject this is for everyone that loves Donnkie and Gunther. It is hard to understand why they weren't there helping with the search and helping the families with information immediately.
    But I know they are struggling, not only with their experience that night, but probably for their reaction to it. This had to have been so traumatic and confusing and I am sure they are all probably totally freaked out. I know that they are feeling a life changing pain from this and are probably really scared. I am not excusing the fact that they weren't there helping because they had important information. But I do think it is important to acknowledge their suffering too and be sensitive to it.

    Barbara and Sallie, I haven't heard anything about them or how they are coping, but hopefully they too, have a strong support system to get them through this.
    My heart truly goes out to everyone involved in this horrible- freakish... thing. How scary that had to have been. and how incredibly sad it is.


  13. I have been reading this blog from another state. My daughter attends Western and has been affected by this tragedy. I am impressed with the searching and upcoming benefits. However, I believe that there is more to this tragedy than what has been reported. Why are the survivors staying away? Are they being kept away? The truth is six people went out on that boat and four came back and nothing is being said about them or by them. In order for there to be closure the whole story needs to be told. Hopefully the survivors are receiving counseling and will be able to deal with this in the long run. Horrible things happen all the time and survivors talk - why not here - even one. The angry/frustrated posts that you have removed could be because no one knows what happened - only that two bright, artistic young men are missing. If you only want this blog to only be about searching and benefits then say so - but try to have some kindness for those who are hurting in other ways.

  14. Actually I have said that I only want this blog to be used for search and fundraising efforts... a couple of times. Specifically under "A little bit about this blog". Check it out.

    I am sorry that you don't feel I am being kind. I do know that people are hurting and feeling pain in many ways. I don't know if you read what was written, but in trying to keep this blog a safe place for everyone (including the "survivors") I must edit some posts that are not productive and can cause upset- like the posts that were removed.

    In our sadness there is room for anger, but I would prefer that not to be expressed here... It just feeds more anger and I do not want it to get out of control. Please understand that my effort here has the best intentions of helping all of us sort things out- with NOTHING BUT KINDNESS in the forefront of my mind. If anyone wants to start their own blog- without me having to edit the hurtful things... please do.

    These people have talked... to the people they needed to talk to- the police and the families. Their police report was supposed to be finished a while ago. Nobody has mentioned them because we have been too busy looking for our friends.

    No one knows how they are coping, but hopefully they are surrounded by love. All we can do is give them the benefit of the doubt and since we don't know what they are doing- anything is possible. Maybe they are from out of state and needed to go home and be with their parents. Maybe they are so torn up from this they can't get out of bed. Maybe they are scared of people being angry with them and avoiding the community. There are so many possibilities. We don't know how it feels to be them. so give them a break. If they are just out there screwing off and not caring about this then that would be different and I would say feel free to talk shit... right here and all you want. And that might be the case, but WE just DON'T know.

    Maybe they just don't want to write their story down and post it on a blog- I wouldn't.

    If anyone needs help starting there own blog I would be glad to help, but as far as this one goes... I feel it is important to maintain a positive and supportive functioning place for us to talk about productive things regarding community action.

    And just so you know... those posts up there were actually the ones that the author removed himself... I removed two. I think/hope that Jeff knows that I wasn't trying to be unkind in my comment. Jeff has been such a huge part of this search effort and even though I have never met him, I appreciate him tremendously. And, I look forward to thanking him in person for being so dedicated to finding our friends. He has been amazing.

    xoxox- really.

  15. Thank you, Melissa, for being who you are and not being afraid to bring perspective and set things straight. I agree with you that this needs to remain a safe place to make arrangements for community action. Thank you for putting it together and continuing to moderate it. What a chore!

    XOXOX, right back atcha!!

  16. here here! keep up the good work.

  17. I agree with everything that Melissa has said... I spent an hour on the phone with Jeff last night as he vented and (sorry Jeff) cried, everyone needs a release in these times and Jeff tried to use this, he realized what he had posted was not a good idea, but hey - it happens - he knows better now - call me!

    Some of us are strong in these situations and some are not. We - the family - have spoken with the people that were on the boat, you can see the hurt in their eyes and scared - painful emotion they are feeling. One of them had never even been sailing before - she's never gonna go near water again. They have showed us what we need to know and told us as much as we need to know now, they are scared to go back out there, yes one of them did and I can't even imagine what was going through their mind. One of them has tried to help but it is hard. I do think that there is more to the story but I am not going to push it out of any of them. Yes, I want answers but as we all know we don't always get what we want and sometimes it is for the better.

    The search for my brother - Sean Mansfield and friend - Gunther Frank remains going. My brother wrote me a poem years ago and a line in it says "..she is there for me no matter what or when.." With that I myself will never give up. My Mom and step-dad and grandfather have been out there every single day as I. My Dad has been out there everyday and will be again as soon as he returns.

    For everyone out there that has been searching for these two amazing men, I thank you with all my heart. For those of you that are still searching...Thank you. As research has showed if they turn up it could be weeks. Why give up now. I look at all my friends as family and would not stop and this is family. I know Sean looked at ALL of his friends as family - his friends were his world - nothing stood in the way of him and his "family".

    I understand if people want and need to vent and be angry - I am there, I have been there but I also understand that many many people read this and here is not the place to do it, turn to someone that is helping you get through this difficult time. But the only way to keep faith and want to find them and have that closure is to keep looking.

    I thank you so very much for putting this together and keeping it together, everything that you have done being a state away, is amazing. I don't even really know you but I know that I want to. I look forward to meeting you in person and personnaly thank you in person for eveything you have done - you are truly an amazing person and Sean and Gunther are very lucky to have a friend as commited as you.

    If anyone has any questions they can call me. If you need to vent - find someone who will be there for you and listen - if you have my number call me - I've heard it all and I know what each and every one of you are going through.

    If you would like to help - get out and look, search the shores, the water, everything - we are not giving up.

    I thank all of you for everything that everyone has done - this community really knows how to come together in a time of need. Sean and Gunther have amazing friends which is all of you...we just need to find them....

  18. Well, I guess I have been put in my place. But for a moment put yourself in my place - I have heard my daughter crying and I am miles away. And it could of been her on that boat - someone suggests sailing and she is first in line. She has been sailing since she was young and I don't know if she will ever be able to again. But from the beginning I can't get any information - I had hoped by following this blog I would be able to help my daughter, no matter what the outcome. She still had finals to finish and did not have any information. When I saw her recently and the bags under her eyes, my heart broke for her and for all of you. So those of you who are privy to information, keep it and someday you will know the pain it causes others. I have prayed for Gunther and Sean and will continue to - but I am also wise enough to know when to shut up. I have meant no disrespect to the families - I understand not knowing and loss all too well. The best to each of you.

  19. No one is hiding information. What is it that you would like to know?
    Everything that we know is on this blog. But any further questions someone can try and answer.

    If information is being hidden - it is not from the family and friends that are searching....

  20. Lilsis, what a remarkable person you are, offering to help others through their grief while you are grieving.

    SM, I am in a similar, but different situation as you. It is my son who lost a friend and he doesn't cry, he tells me stories about conquering the crooked rail in the middle of the night with his friend, or how Donnkie got the tan jacket he is wearing in the Snowboard Magazine article. I feel for him but I don't know how to help him. My family wonders about me as I stare at google maps of Bellingham Bay trying to figure out (without any real possibilty of doing so), where are they? I am just imagining how the families are feeling and sympathizing.

    I think that it may seem that information is hidden, but what really is the problem is that no one knows where they are. That is really the only information that could help anything right now.

    Melissa, maybe it would help if we had a section of the blog where people could offer their fun stories about these 2 unique men. You decide if you think it is a good idea, you have been keeping us on course from the beginning.

  21. I am sorry for starting a mini riot on the sight sunday night. It being father's day and haveing lost mine a couple years ago, I was a smit in the sauce and emotional. I will keep my posts positive and about search efforts. Melissa, u rock! and sorry again.

  22. Jeff, Your effort and dedication in this search is legendary. This is a really hard thing to deal with and we are all human, which I guess means vulnerable. The friends and family of Donnkie and Gunther have shown that being human can also mean super human (and your actions are in that category) so it is okay to slip back to human once in a while. Tell us some stories about Gunther and or Donnkie on the blog above this, surely you have something that everyone would enjoy.

  23. Jeff, please don't apologize! I wish I was there to take one back with you! Lets make up for it in July... k...

  24. I feel the need for the soapbox after reading all this stuff.

    This blog seems to be showing us all a basic part of living this life on earth. Sooner or later, all of us suffer the pain of loss. Some lose loved ones in "more" shocking or painful ways than others. Some seem to have lives that are more filled with loss and pain than others. But the bottom line is we will all experience these things.

    It's hard to be kind and generous when you're hurting & it's hard to appreciate those things being expressed toward you when you're in pain. It's also hard to feel the impotence that comes when faced with brutal losses being experienced by people around us. All I can figure out to do is try to be non-judgemental, be supportive & show as much love as possible in everyday actions, to everybody...because we all suffer the pain of loss. I know I don't always succeed, but the trying helps me feel better about still being here.

    None of us is perfect, but we can all TRY to show compassion in what ever ways fit for us. Negativity, critisim, squabbling etc. are going to come out during this time because we're just humans & that stuff is part of us all too. Kindness, patience & understanding are what we all need now.
    I've met some amazing people through this tragedy & I am thankful for that. I still can't really get my head around what's happened, but I do know that all the efforts I've witnessed & participated in are helping in some mysterious way. Hang in there everybody!
    In the words of the singer, Jesse Colin Young "Everybody now, come together, try to love one another right now."

  25. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you why and how I have come to be involved in this. I first met Gunther over ten years ago when he was roomates with some friends of mine. Gunther also "wintered out" at my places a couple times back in the day. We broke bread, guzzeled beer, shared many roadtrips, and numerous shows.
    Over the last four years we did not hang out all that much, but kept in touch via computer or the random phone call. When we would get a chance to hang out, we'd catch up. He'd tell me some crazy story about what he'd been doing, I'd laugh, and tell him how boring my life was now that the 3B was gone and because I bought a house out in the county. We just seemed to kinda pick up where we left off.
    Over the course of the last three months I was talking to Gunther twice a week or more. I was in the market for a sailboat and had many questions. He introduced me to a fellow named Mark who also shared his sailboat wisdom with me. I bought a boat and was stoked to be reconnecing with Gunther and looked forward to hass'n around the bay with him.
    Gunther called me on tues. to see what was up. I told him I was in Seattle and Portland seeing some Moe. shows, and that I would get a hold of him when I got back. On friday morn. (9:30 ish) I was on my way to the docks when I got a call from Mark asking if I had heard from Gunther latley. He said that the scumdinger was not behind his boat and the coast guard was stiring around.
    I met up with Mark and began to worry. I went up to Gunthers bus and knocked and got no answer. Mark went to the coast guard (and of course) got no information either. At three that afternoon it was confirmed that the scumdinger had gone down and Gunther and Sean were unaccounted for. With the coast guard halting their search, there was only one thing to do. Search for ourselves.
    I never had the pleasure of knowing Sean, but over the next two weeks, over some long hard days, I got to know his father Steve, which has been an honor. So, when I called Jessica on fathers day eve. to discuss my posts, we began to talk about dads. And yes, I shed a tear for her father, Gunthers father, and for mine too. And it is for those fathers, family and friends that I continue.
    I know that communication by computer, lacking vocal tone and emotional fluxuation, is very difficult for me. And that my spelling as well as computer conduct is atrocious. But that is no excuse. I am emotionaly involved in this tragity, and hope that I may emerge a stronger better person when it is all said and done. But in order for that to be true, I must again appologize to Barbra, Sallishouse, the survivors, and the blog readers and beg their pardon for my insensitive remarks. (chill out Melissa, I have to do this) I also ask that no one respond to this post. My name has been in the joowannaroo column too much already and I'd like to move past it now. Thanks for listening. love and peace Jeff. ps maybe melissa could make a new column for posts, I'd like to update search efforts and try to see who might be able to get out on the water this weekend.

  26. I am planning on getting on the water this weekend. Sun. for sure and Sat. if I finish my work on the island in time. I was on Orcas today and am going back tomorrow till?. There was a lot of boat traffic today, as well as, a bunch of sea junk due to the high tide. I have room for three maybe four.

  27. Jeff I met you on the first week of searching. There were a lot of people there, I was just one of many. I could see then the determination in your eyes and I know it is the pain that has been driving you. I feel it too, I think I can safely say, we all are. 6 families have been changed forever.

    I have know Gunther for over 14 years. We went to school together at Western (the first time he went), he was my lab partner in Photo 101,102,105, etc.... until he dropped out. I had a VW van that when I had the money and if he needed it, he would work on. Eventually he rebuilt the whole engine. I could see his talents and I hoped he would find his focus (and looking at his photos on flicker I believe he did). I miss going out on shoots with him. I will miss running into him and hearing about all the stuff he is trying, I was sometimes even envious of his zealous. When I would run into Gunther, we would talk, and I would always feel a bounce in my step after we parted ways. Even just the sight of his van around town put a smile on my face. Our lives took very different paths, I started a family and he started a road trip. I loved him too.

    Jeff I am so sorry I started a flood of emotion for you. I did not see your response to my question, but I am glad you were able to get in touch with the feelings you have been using as fuel. It is OK to let it out man it is the only way we can move on. If you ever find yourself suddenly hugged by a crazy curly haired woman, that is me.

    Melissa thank you for making this a safe place. Thank you for all your hard work, and I hope you have a good support system around you too.

    Finally I must say that though I am deeply sad for Gunther, Sean and their families, I am still concerned for the well being of the survivors. I too lost my dad, 17th of this month marked the 20th anniversary of the day he was killed SCUBA diving in the waters of down town Port Orchard. I was also friends of Bip S. the kayaker who was lost a year ago last November off of Boulevard Park. As much as we all hurt, the survivors have to live with the idea that anything they did on that fateful night may have made a difference and the truth is no one will ever know what might have been. Now is the time for healing and looking to the future. The guys would want us all to live our lives with the full vigor that they put into theirs. I did not know Sean, but I do know Gunther, and he would feel bad if we stopped living, in anyway.

    I do truly mean only love in the things I have shared here tonight. On that note love to all and to all a good night.