Sunday, June 7, 2009

monday search

Low tide at noon.  Lots of people want to help, please network and get together.  The main post below has some numbers and info that might be helpful including boats.  We must find these two, do what you can when you can to be out there looking...  love and hope...


  1. Everyone had moved on from the two spots that we tried dropping off food and water to (from Skagit Food Co-op). Please get ahold of me so we can coordinate for Monday morning. I've left all supplies with my buddies up in Bellingham, so they can get them to you. Keep the hope alive...

  2. hey all, i have a zodiak and a sailboat i had out today with nills and some other friends. I need help maning the boats on monday. Please get my info out there. Jeff Myers 223-2327. Looking for people to help man boats for monday.

  3. Perhaps we could make a list of search areas and times here and people can coordinate to search so we can cover more territory?
    Some of us are looking in the same areas and merely tracing each other's tracks.
    Which areas have been thoroughly searched and which ones should we focus on now.

  4. That is a great idea... Can you make that happen... Make lists of spots and people can sign up for it or something...

  5. These are the spots Katie and I did today:
    From Marine park along the shore and railroad tracks to Chuckanut Bay.
    Earlier, I searched the perimeter around the bay and up to the tracks where Katie and I stopped.
    If everyone writes a comment about their own search, we can get a better idea of the places we have missed.

    Perhaps Jeff could leave us a comment to tell us where the boats are and we could all meet there at noon—Including Skagit Co-op?
    If we each print a google map to bring with us we can highlight and designate areas.

  6. Everyone here at Boundary Bay Brewery is ready to help in whatever means possible. Please let us know what you need! Food, manpower, etc. Please call the brewery at 360-647-5593 and speak to Casey, Amy and/or Mark.