Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am looking for images of Donnkie's artwork

I am trying to have thank you cards printed up and I am looking for any images of Donnkie's artwork that might be out there.   If you have some of his work and can snap a photo of it for me that would be great.  Just make sure it is pretty clear!  Thanks...

(nora has most of Gunther's work so she will be bringing that)



    there's some good ones on there..

  2. Hi there, there will be family gatherings for both Sean and Gunther, but probably not for a while... I will keep you posted on the details...

  3. Have one of his pieces hanging in my apt. Will try to get a good photo of it for ya.

  4. If anyone out there has any artwork of Sean's could you please call me (Jessica) and let me know so we could try and get a high quality picture taken of it? We are trying to get all of his artwork and we know he sold quite a bit, So if you have any that we can photgraph that would be great. Thank you all

    Thank you again