Friday, June 12, 2009

contact list update

If you would like to add yourself to this contact list with email or phone number please do! Just leave it as a comment
LAND- Lea 360.510.3658 

WATER- Jeff, 223-2327

AIR- kyle 360-961-7474 Maria-360-510-2942


  1. elenanita said...
    , would you please take me off the contact list for night search. People can call me if they want but I am no longer the main contact for that.

    Thank you.

  2. Kelly Slattery- Work 715-5218 (Leave a voicemail if I don't answer)
    Alan Hamilton and Kelly- Home 306-5685

  3. Steven Mansfield Email, or same at Contact numbers, local, 360-319-8551 China 011-86-13860120800 Thabnk you all

  4. Crystal Fry's Mom - If anyone finds out more please e-mail me so I can get info to her. She's very sad about this. Thank you. Please e-mail Randyl -