Thursday, June 11, 2009

Potential Celebration Show Meeting

Hi ya'll - this is Brent, I'm looking after the blog in the evening while Melissa takes a break.

There will be a meeting for the July celebration of Sean and Gunther show at Jinx on Saturday at 6pm. Anyone who is interested in helping with the event, please come to the meeting. We won't be covering any other fundraising events that have been talked about, necessarily, just the July show.

Also, there are several folks who are ready to go with getting the event(s) organized. If everyone could please hold off till we all meet and come up with a plan, that would be fantastic. There are people going in different directions and we need to be on the same page before we proceed.

That being said, thank you to all who have expressed interest - it's been overwhelming. I'm amazed and in awe of the energy everyone has... Thank you.

Finally, and I might be speaking out of turn, but tomorrow could be a good day to just breath. Everyone searching should obviously continue (which has been amazing). But, it has been an incredible week - intense and awful beyond many of our imaginations. Please take some time to take care of yourself, love of your family, love your friends, and breath. And think good thoughts (or pray) for the guys and their families.


  1. The Roller Betties have donated some tickets to the next bout for a possible raffle at the Nightlight show on Saturday. Others have offered to donate some artwork for the raffle, although I haven't spoken to them personally. The tickets are for June 20th, so I figure I should raffle those. I guess I'm wondering if you want to save any other donations for the July Celebration. If so, just let me know. My # is (360)305-1013. There is a good chance that I won't be able to attend the meeting on Saturday, but I'm willing to help in anyway possible.

  2. I would like to donate some art for the fundraising cause- also any body and or face painting- (parties for kids sell at silent auction events). I will not be at the meeting on Saturday but for donations my contact is
    and I am sending out prayers and love to all the friends and family- there has been a strange, sad and empty feeling since this happened to our community members.

  3. I would also like to donate artwork to any fundraising causes, my email is

  4. Another thought for fundraising: Gunther photographed many of our Late Shows here at Boundary Bay and we have all those images. We'd be happy to make prints of them to be used as fundraising during an auction or something. Please let us know if that is something you'd like us here at the brewery to do. Please contact Amy or Tammy by calling 360-647-5593 or through

  5. hey-- a couple days ago there was a post about an event at Boundary Bay tonight?

    any more info on that?

    still happening?

    what time?


  6. I wish I knew where to send you guys with these questions... I don't have anyone lined up to be be a coordinator for the smaller functions. We need volunteers to take charge of Donations and planning... Anybody able to do these things?

  7. Jay and I aren't able to make it to the planning meeting, but we are definitely getting donations. It's up to you guys which event you want them to be auctioned at...just let us know. I feel that if it were the July show, there would be more time for people to participate.

    I drove down to Everett yesterday and picked up $1700 worth of clothing to auction off (including some accessories like a Dakine backpack, Skullcandy headphones and 2 skate completes). I'm also working with Nollies, Big Fat Fish Co., and various other restaurants, salons, boutiques and hotels on getting gift certificates to auction.

    We will keep working on getting items and stockpiling them until we get word on when you guys want them.

    We're out of town this Sunday-Thursday but you can email me.