Monday, June 15, 2009

Bank Account for Donations

A bank account for donations to both Sean and Gunther has been set up.  The money will be used to help offset any debt incurred for the search or used by the families in anyway they see fit.  Thank you for any and all contributions, everything helps.  

Bank of America- just go to the counter and ask to put money into the account of JESSICA MANSFIELD and give them Account #:41229865

easy as pie.


  1. Hello All,

    We thought the bank account would work with just the last four digits but it didn't work, I talked to the bank again and you will have to give them the account number and my name.

    Jessica Mansfield Account #:41229865

    Thank you all again, sorry for the confusion. and again Thank you.....

  2. Also wanted to add in, if someone is wanting to mail anything, you can mail to

    P.O. Box 1798
    Maple Falls Wa 98266

    or my Mom

    7440 Wheeler Rd
    Maple Falls Wa 98266

    Thank you all again....

  3. much love to you and your family, jessica.

  4. Hey Peeps,
    Did the deposit from the Nightlight raffle today, bank total $204.35, I loved the $5.35 in change, it all helps. Thanks to everybody who donated & Flann for organizing it!!!!

  5. Would someone be willing to make a list of the local businesses that helped with supplies, food and other assistance for this search? I am sure many would like to thank them by shopping in those locations before going anywhere else. If they have online shopping, some of us out of towners would love to patronize these places if appropriate. Personally, if I make it to Bellingham, I will go into each store and thank them as well. Others may have the same ideas, or better.

  6. I am working on this for just that purpose and also for thank you cards. But, it won't be done until later this week because of my final exams... Actually, Nancy if you would like to do this, you are more than welcome, it is just a matter of going through each posting and looking through the comments. I also need addresses for each business. If you have time, that would be a huge help! If you do the preliminary run through, I have others on the top of my head to add. Let me know if you are up to the task! Thanks!

  7. When this list is complete could someone please mail it to me? stevenemansfield@hotmail or

    Thank you