Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SATURDAY (june 13th)

Nitelite- Styff Anyss (also 9ish?)


  1. Hi, my name is Sam and I play in Acorn Project. We are hosting our Urban Music Festival this weekend at Boundary Bay Brewery/The Wild Buffalo on Friday, and at the Wild Buffalo on 2 stages on Saturday.

    Donkey and Gunther were both friends of ours, Gunther has photographed us several times in the past, and Donkey created an art installation piece at the Urban Music Festival last year. We have that piece still and are going to set it up outside of Boundary Bay in the alley on Friday, and in the alley outside of the Buffalo on Saturday. We would like to welcome those who are interested to contribute anything that reminds them of Sean and Gunther to what will become an evolving memorial over the weekend. This will be accessible to the entire community, and you don't need to pay admission to contribute to the memorial.

    We will photograph the memorial as it evolves over the weekend, and will decide what to do with it at the end of the weekend (maybe just leave it set up).

    Sean and Gunther were dear to many in our community, and what happened is a tragedy. This will be one of many ways for people to connect through their loss and remember Sean and Gunther for the fabulous people they are. Please spread this information if you would like to.

  2. Meagan Conner said...
    As for Saturday with Styff Anyss and Ladies of The Night: Flann is getting everything together, so please please please show up and give your support. Everyone there playing that evening are close friends to both Gunther and Donnkie, so talk to Flann about the logistics. Thank you endlessly to everyone for all the effort and optimism. It means so much go the community and the boys, I'm sure.

    June 11, 2009 5:01 AM

  3. There will be a collection to help the efforts at the Nightlight on Saturday during the Styff Anyss show. People have offered to donate paintings and other art for a possible raffle. The Roller Betties have offered some tickets to be raffled. If anyone else has anything they want to donate, or any other ideas, let me know and we will set it up. My phone # is (360)305-1013. Thanks.