Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It has been a long and hard week for everyone- and everyone needs some rest.  Our friends are still out there, so lets keep searching, but maybe on a more individual basis.  Turning our energy to supporting the families in this crazy time with a more creative outlet seems to be where people are going... so, lets roll with it.  

After speaking with other people we have narrowed down a little bit of a schedule and I will post headings with each event so we can all be a part of the plan.

If any of these things are incorrect please let me know ASAP so I can change them, but as things go these are the events in our future.

Ladies of the night and the All Nighters are playing at the Rogue Hero in Bellingham 

We don't know yet how this will become part of the benefit, but if you have ideas or can get anything together, please do so... (items for a raffle?)  If nothing else we are sure a bunch of Donk and Gunthers friends will be there.

Styff Anyss is playing at the Nitelite.  Flann is getting everything together, so show up and have a great time.

- There are two opportunities for us to try to raise some money this weekend, if anybody up there is able to follow through and make it happen, please let us know and go for it.


SATURDAY JUNE 20TH- Lupe who works at the Copper Hog has secured the afternoon there for us... from say... 1-5?  Her and her band are willing to play and said if anybody wants to join them that would be great.  And with that event it would be cool to do an art show of Donkee and Gunther's artwork maybe along with the silent auction... They have a huge space and outdoor patio by the farmers market which could be really cool.
So we need organizers for the Auction, people to get donations and people to set it up and work it.
We will also need someone to organize the art show part, she said we could hang art outside as well as inside.
Who can volunteer for this?


The date is TBA and the event is what ever they come up with-
Brent from What's Up! Magazine and Carey from Cascadia Weekly are up for making something big happen... so we should let them run with it and help with whatever they might need.

Whatever you can do as far as timing or organization or money or donations or love and support with these events would be awesome.  
-Get in where you fit in! 

Boundary Bay Brewery would still love to help, so if you can think of anything... (like maybe the community garage sale...?) Let me know and we should work it in.
I think people down in portland might be trying to put something together at the Sandy Hut, so we'll keep you posted!

xoxoxox to everyone.


  1. As for Saturday with Styff Anyss and Ladies of The Night: Flann is getting everything together, so please please please show up and give your support. Everyone there playing that evening are close friends to both Gunther and Donnkie, so talk to Flann about the logistics. Thank you endlessly to everyone for all the effort and optimism. It means so much go the community and the boys, I'm sure.

  2. I am one of the friends of Gunther's living in Portland... What's the deal at the sandy hut?

    Jesse T. 503-309-6273

  3. don't really know yet, someone has just offered the space so we were thinking of making something happen

  4. Please let me know what's up, and if you need help. - Jesse

  5. im in portland too and want to help organize a benefit show.

  6. hey everyone,
    first of all, thanks so incredibly much for giving everything you have to help out with our 2 friends. it's amazing to see.
    i don't wanna burst anyone's bubble, but i think we should definitley check with the families to make sure they are into this whole fundraiser idea before we plan too much here. i could imagine money being a confusing part of this whole situation for some people. i know everyone just wants to help, that's all i want to do too, i just want to be as respectful as possible to the families of our friends. so whoever is in contact with them, can you ask them for us before we go ahead with all of this? ...

  7. Hi - this is Brent, filling in for Melissa tonight and tomorrow night.

    From what I've been told, it's very important for there to be a distinction between fundraiser and memorial. There are still folks out looking for the guys and until something changes and the families start planning a memorial, please keep everything as a fundraiser. The search, obviously, has been costly, so whatever money can be raised would be fantastic.

  8. (repost)

    I just wanted to post a quick note regarding all the energy that is being put out toward benefits and a potential memorial, which is amazing, but I just want to make sure everyone is communicating and coordinating and not rushing things. Some good friends of Gunthers including Nora, Laura and I are in contact with the family and thinking ahead toward events if anyone wants to plan something lets do it as a group effort. Contact me , Krista at and Nora at


  9. Please check the t-shirt post for info so I don't have to type it out all over again. Shortly said, I'm going to try to hit the different shows this weekend with a digital reproduction of the shirt designs & you can sign up for one, or many if you desire. The guys making the shirts are doing it at cost, as a fundraiser & a tribute, it's been cleared with the families.