Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just found this post, anybody know what to tell her, or want to go look at them?

anniednaleri said...

it's monday now, i hope people are still checking this part of the blog. i live in mud bay, not far from where their boat washed up. today i found a pair of blue old navy boxer shorts in a size large. they have a twisted rope design throughout the short and the main color is navy blue.

let me know what i should do with these.

3604212157 or

annie ireland


  1. I can't imagine either Sean or Gunther wearing a size large, much less Old Navy.. I know that doesn't mean it's not theirs, I just couldn't help but think it.

  2. Speaking of Old Navy, did the 2 Old Navy flip flops that washed up on different beaches match each other? Not that it matters as they wouldn't tell us anything, but I thought it was interesting.

  3. The flip flop I found @ Teddy Cove was an old navy/black. But was much smaller then a size 9. There was no size on it. I am heading out to little squalicum beach to search via Kayak with a buddy for a few hours today around 4:30. If anyone wants to come out and help search, that would be great.