Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wednesday updates from searchers


  1. Wednesday Evening Search:

    I too would like to be out looking this evening so I will be at the greyhound parking lot from 5:15 to 6:15 with maps and any updates from the day search but then I will be taking off.

    Also, I do not have my phone with me at the moment so sorry if I miss your call! I will have it again around 1pm.

  2. Hi guys, I am sorry but I am completly drained and will not be at the greyhound station BUT I can help out via phone so please call me on my phone if you are going out to search so I can keep track of where we have people. If I don't answer, please do leave a message.


    So far we have Susie and her friend going to Clayton Beach area. Lea was going back to the same area from her day search. My husband and I will head down to Padilla Bay.


  3. The Sandwich Odyssey in Bellingham at 2001 Cornwall Ave will donate sandwiches if someone can pick them up around 5pm tonight. Their number is 738-6919 if you need to contact them.


  4. I walked from Larrabee State park along the rocks to a little past Clayton beach carefully combing through all the rocks. I found no items of interest..

    Good luck tonight you guys.

  5. I searched the rocks and shoreline between Clayton and Taylor's Shellfish.
    The point just north of Taylor's has also been checked out by someone else. Nothing found. Saw kayaks, a search boat, and plane out too in the area.

    To help plan the search for tomorrow a pretty good chop was coming out of the southeast just before high tide down that direction.

  6. I was at Teddy Bear Cove for two hours tonight and found

    1 single Route 66 Flip Flop, Size 11, Brown.
    1 Single Old Nave Flip Flop, Black, Size unknown.
    Pair of Old Navy Flip Flops, Blue, no size, but they have to be for a man.
    Yellow Poncho.
    Blue Tent.

    I have photos if any one would like them.

  7. I was at little squalicum beach and found 1 single black Old Navy flip flop, probably mens 9 or 10 but didn't say. Looked like it had washed up with yesterdays high tide.

  8. thanks sandwich oddesey... you were much needed. I also want to thank all who called to change the oil on the wave runners, yes, all seven of you. THANKS. And a very special shout out to LEA, and MaMa, Maria n Kyle, Alan(whailer one) and the B ham yaught club, Joel,(exployer one), ok i know i cant spell, so get over it, and next is, Brian who got a chopper in the air yerterday, and you know what? what? I want to thank Steven, Thanks Steven, you have given a spark that has turned into a FIRE. Thanks to everyone who has been there. Thanks D n G for all your love. Thanks to the Canadians who are here to help out. Thanks for helping me look. Thanks for your strength. Thanks, Thanks.

  9. Should have posted last night, but Jim and I covered Blanchard, everything south and west along the south shore to the east side of Samish Island. It's impossible to get to everything, especially the sloughs around the mouth of the river, but fairly confident nothing's there.

  10. Also want to give a thanks to the Grace Cafe for donating all the bagels! Some people (airman Kyle, for one) had been up since 4am w/o breakfast & were sooo happy for some food.

    It was a long, windy day in the parking lot, but the love, support & community are awesome to experience. A shout out to Barbara & Brian (?), who checked in late after covering the southern most parts of the flats in their kayaks, they may have been the first to get in there since it's so very shallow & deep mud at slack tide.

    Thanks to everybody who is keeping the crazy fun spirits of D&G alive. Come share the love & your $$ at the shows this weekend!

  11. This was just a thought.. Has anyone thought about getting a couple of fishing boats out there to dredge the bottom. I know the fishermen has big net to fish with... This was just a idea..

  12. I am guessing dredging the bottom is quite illegal so I wouldnt try it.

  13. Is there anyway to get permission to do this. I dont know this was just an idea.