Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anyone good with google maps?!

can any tech savvy types make a google (KML) map of where searching has occured, where objects were found etc. Such a map can be viewed by anyone using google maps. This would help avoid duplicating search efforts and might attract some knowlegeable eyeballs (people who know the sound's currents).


  1. I can try and get something together. is there anyway you can email me what has been searched and any other information?

  2. If nobody else is able to take this on by this evening, I'll put something together. My hands are pretty tied at work, but later today I'll can do it-- if we could get a single list of what items were found where, it would make the job easier.

    J-John (A friend of a friend)

  3. m said...
    here's how its done -- can be authored directly and easily in google earth.

    June 10, 2009 8:30 AM

  4. yea i don't have a lot of experience using this but i am on the computer all day for work and can play around with it. unless someone else is faster and willing to pick this up? i'll see what i can do.

  5. I've created a spreadsheet to log the relevant information. Anyone with data to add should email me at and I'll give them permission to edit the sheet. This way we'll have a central repository of what's been done, what's been found...

  6. here's a link to the page... anyone can add info, I just need to invite you.

    also, pls send any suggestions on how better to structure these.

  7. Here's an overview of making a google map for public collaboration. I'd have posted a g-map myself but it's probably better if someone directly involved in the search does it instead. I'm an old friend of Gunther's down here in Portland.

    Two things you'll need:
    - A google account
    - A list of emails for those you'd like to be able to ad pins to the map.


    1. Go to
    2. Click 'My Maps'
    3. Click 'Create New Map'
    4. If you are not logged in it will ask you too
    5. Enter the 'title' & ' description' of the map and select 'public' so all can see the map.
    6. Click 'collaborate' to enter your comma seperated list of emails for those who can ad pins to the map.
    7. Select 'collaborators may invite others' if you want that option.
    8. After saving your collaboraters will be able to post 'pin points' with notes to the map.
    9. To post a link to the blog....from the map page select 'link' on the top right.
    10. Paste the code provided into a blog post.

    I hope this helps.

    Lee Butler

  8. All - If you have a Google account, ie gmail you have access to Google Maps. With google maps, you can create points, lines, polygons and annotate them with any info you want.

    Holler @ shanedrexler at if you need help setting something up. Glad to help.

  9. Kara created a map:

    Kara can grant access to those who wish to enter where they've searched.