Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A lot of people are interested in getting money to these families to help with costs incurred and help pay the debt they are getting in.  I am working on getting a paypal account set up for them and will post the link as soon as I do under this heading.  

Other things that have been mentioned for fundraising efforts are:
-Andy from Mountain Militia will be dedicating his web site to the T-shirts he is creating in Donkey and Gunthers honor, I am sure they will be sweet.  -Boundary Bay is willing to donate their space to us for a fundraising event.  So we need to come up with ideas and make something happen there.
-Dave Hobb's has a snowboard video of Donkey's called Ill Shit.... Maybe we can have an Ill Shit part...!...?  anybody good at putting together parties like this?
-I think Gunther's Brother is in the process of making stickers.
-I also heard that there might be some things being lined up for the weekend of the 20th...?  anybody know more?  

This has been an amazing experience.  Even from Portland I can see the Bellingham community pulling together in such amazing ways.  And all of us friends and family a little further away are in awe of this effort and are all willing to do whatever we can to help.  It is not over yet.  Keep up the hard work everyone. 

Lets try to get these families a little money back in their pockets.  They have gone into a very deep debt with this search and spent much of their resources.  Their stress level is high enough without adding financial worries on, so anything we can do to help reduce potential worry will help them all.  

Any ideas are welcome and stay tuned for the Paypal acct info.


  1. As far as the weekend of the 20th...is there a plan to honor these guys at Joowanapalooza?
    It's a 3-day music festival at Joowana Mexicana in Maple Falls -- Sean's hometown.

  2. There are some other thank yous that need to happen too...
    Amy Sibil and her family... you have done an amazing job coordinating food for everyone and it is truly appreciated. Thank you.
    She is from the Skagit Valley Coop and has lined up most of the food donations and just keeps coming up with new ideas... Thank you from everyone!
    Places that she has lined up include:
    Graces Cafe (for breakfast tomorrow!)
    Pizza Time
    Pizza Pipeline
    and Safeway Mt. Vernon
    Can't wait to see what's next!

    Boundary Bay brought Clam Chowder and Coffee to everyone on Monday and keep extending a hand that they are there for whatever we need.... SO NICE!

    Make sure to Thank these businesses with your business!

    Oh yeah, and Thank you Kim for relieving me from the Blog for a much needed minute!

    And Thank you to everyone that has been putting gas in their boats, planes, jet ski's, helicopters, cars, and wearing out the soles of their shoes and putting miles on their Kayaks! And Thank you's to all of the coordinators and people out there... this has been a lot of work for everyone. Donkey and Gunther are worth nothing less. Both are such amazingly gentle, good natured, honest, creative and hilarious guys. They would be doing the same thing for any of us, no doubt. It is important we honor them this way.

  3. some ideas for events...

    silent auction
    art show with Donkey and Gunthers art
    live music

  4. I'd be glad to help coordinate a music oriented event at Boundary or anyplace else. Have lots of past experience with events & know many musicians here in B'ham. I think there are lots of people here in the music, skate, snowboarding & arts communities who know both these guys & would like to participate. I'm on facebook & myspace, or 360-733-4124, cheri

  5. Cheri that sounds great, I would love to know what people have up their sleeves for functions so we can help coordinate.

    Someone also suggested a Community Garage sale which I think would be awesome, but is anyone interested in taking that project on? off the top of my head some things I think it would require are... securing a spot, getting people to donate their stuff, having people there to help organize and take money and also figuring out how to get the leftovers to the goodwill. Anyone?... This is something that could be done in any community and all proceeds would benefit the families and this search effort.

    Thirdly, I was wondering if anybody knows of any good financial advisors or account managers that would be interested in some pro bono work. If money starts coming in for the families to help with costs incurred, it would be nice if someone was able to manage it for them. One less thing to think about... right? This might not be something they end up being interested in but it would be a nice option for them.

  6. Hey guys:
    I just received an email form AMy SIble who works at the co-op and she mentioned a fundraiser at Boundary BAy on the weekend of the 20th. I plan on doing a couple of wheat paste for this event. I plan on using some of Gunther's photos for these projects but don't want anyone to think it's bunk (copy-write issues) that I do use his photos. If anyone has a problem with me using some of these photos please let me know. I have worked with Gunther at CLick Pop when I designed The Trucks first website and he gave me full right to his images for that project. Just want to make sure nobody has a problem with this. Believe me I will make them as amazing as his work is!!!
    nico inzerella

  7. Hey Nico, Call me... 503-310-4747

  8. For clarity:
    I plan on selling these pieces and 100% of the proceeds will go to the families.

  9. Just a heads up for fundraising event: Boundary Bay Brewery is already hosting a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters in the beer garden on the 20th. Please call the brewery to coordinate other possible dates for fundraising event or other ways in which we can assist you!

  10. I'm working with various people on donations for the silent auction. Zumiez will be donating gear/clothing and I'm working on other donations including artwork (see Nico's comment above), a photography session, massage, etc. I'll be out of the state for part of next week due to a family emergency, but I'll do my part in getting some great things to help out. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at amysible@gmail.com

  11. I would check in with Aaron at The Copper Hog for a venue if Boundary is not available. He does a lot of community work and hosted a snowboard event there a couple months ago. Best of luck.

  12. The night light would be DOPE! They both liked it there. MAybe CLick POP can throw a show together. The TRUCKS reunion anyone. Axes of Evil reunion? Stiff Anus? Blackeyes and Neckties?

  13. hey all,
    so much thanks to everyone for searching and having hope.
    ok, i have good news about fundraising stuff...
    i spoke with aaron from the copper hog, and he said that an afternoon fundraising event would be cool there on june 20th. we could use the outside patio and the inside lounge to display gunther and donnkie's art. he said that he just needed to keep it an open event, (ie: keep it open for business to the general public), and would like to have the inside dining area, (not lounge) free.
    in addition our band, (sugar sugar sugar) would be into playing for the benefit. we LOVE those boys SO much. we have a show that night in tacoma, so we'd have to be done playing by about 4 or 5... aaron said we could set up outside in the patio, which i think would be bad ass, and would draw passer-byers in to the event. people walking from farmer's market, etc...
    lupe (360)-510-2848
    ps: could someone who's hip to this whole blogging business figure out how to make this event a new post?

  14. Brent Cole (What's Up! Magazine) and I (Carey Ross, Cascadia Weekly) have done some preliminary talking about setting up a benefit as well, as we have a fair amount of experience in this area. Pretty sure, if given the go ahead, we can nail down venue(s), bands, press/promo, etc. If we could coordinate our efforts with anything anyone else might be doing, that would be great. Don't hesitate to email either one of us (carey@cascadiaweekly.com or brent@whatsup-magazine.com) and let us know any/all things you might need.

  15. So it sounds like there are some really good ideas out there and people motivated to work on these projects.

    I think (in not talking to anyone else) that The Copper Hog sounds great for a quickly put together fundraiser for the 20th. maybe we could do a raffle and art show with the music or something fairly simple, because we have only the afternoon in that space.
    Thank you Sugar, sugar, sugar... that was really nice.

    AND/OR we could work with Cheri, Carey and Brent and have a bigger more planned festivity.

    I would love to hear feedback and ideas from everyone regarding these ideas so we can (as a group) make some decisions and move forward on things.
    you guys are all so super rad.

  16. Hi- This is Lauren from Paris Texas.
    I would love to donate or help with a fundraiser in any way. My number is 961-6789

    Let me know what I can do

  17. The family at Uisce Irish Pub would like to offer help in the fundraising efforts in any way that is needed.

    We are located on Commercial Street downtown, let us know what we can do.
    Molly and David.