Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos and Video Footage


In addition to the photobucket account, we are working on compiling photos and video footage of Sean and Gunther, to be used in some of the memorial events, and ultimately to be given to the families.

Please send all Sean-related stuff to Michelle Schutte-

And all Gunther-related stuff to Nora Hughes-

We also have access to scanners, so if you have any film or negatives, we would love that to be included.

Thank you so much.


  1. AhHahahaha! you should see the 15sec clips I put on Donkey's face book today. PURE RADNESS! sorry no sound.

  2. when do you need to have this stuff by? mine and gunther's friend carin has some old photos of gunther that she'd like to contribute but it's going to take some time to locate them in storage and scan them all...

  3. If anyone needs a good Donk laugh check out this video of him teaching us how to play the Bag Game, one of those moments where he made the party. Thats the Donk I know, a fun-loving happy entertainer.

    Copy and paste to your browser:

    Feel free to embed this video on this site, I don't think you can in the comments box.

  4. I believe that they would probably need it ASAP, or at least by the end of June... hope that helps...

  5. I have video of both Gunther and Donnkie. One is a short video I shot w/ Gunther on his bmx circa 1999 and the other is video I shot of Donnkie playing some really bad golf circa 1997(?) I never finished these projects and will do my best to get them done before the memorial. I will also get in touch w/ the two people mentioned above, so I can get specs for formats and whatnot.

  6. Hello All, if anyone has any video clips or pictures of Sean, please send them to me at I would be forever greatful,,,,thank you

  7. steven,
    Nora Michelle and I are collaborating on a slideshow for the benefit this weekend. Once everything is sorted out we would love to give you a disk with all the photos. Please feel free to email me with an address we could send this. My email is