Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just talked to Sean's sister.

She said tomorrow the tide goes out at 11am be either at post point or clark point by 9:30 and spread out.  WE NEED TO FIND THEM.  If you see people just sitting around ask them to get up and look harder.  Time is crucial, bring everyone you know and help!!!!


  1. would someone please post this link on gunther's myspace?!!

    thank you so much for putting this site up. Please look in the surrounding WOODS during your search.

    -amy martin 927-9151

  2. I am going to try to come up from Seattle this morning. Would it still be valuable to use a kayak to comb the shoreline or is the search now primarily on land/in the woods?

  3. I think it is all a guessing game, no one really knows. go where you think might be helpful... My guess is that a kayak would be good. Anybody..?