Sunday, June 7, 2009


Thank you to everyone out searching.  The Skagit Valley food coop will be bringing a food and water donation to the area around 5pm to either Clarkes point or Post Point, please find them and thank them.  Also, help make sure any trash is cleaned up.  
It sounds like communication has started happening between the families and the people that made it to shore.  Details of their stories are still surfacing, but as time passes we all need to stay possitive and think creatively about how to find them or where they might be.  Lets all be in touch about these details.  They are out there somewhere.  
If any of the searchers are able to keep us posted on what the search looks like and how it is going please do so.  

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  1. I just got back from walking the beach starting at Cliffside beach,going north for about a mile,hugging the drift wood. I checked all of the secret huts along the way,backtracked along the driftwood till Locust beach stairs. I had a beagle that smells everything running thru the driftwood and we found no evidence that anything washed ashore.