Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SATURDAY (june 20th)

The Copper Hog- sugar sugar sugar and others (?) w/ Silent Auction  and art show featuring Donkee and Gunthers art 1-5pm (?)


  1. need volunteers to get this going

  2. hi, my name is JD, i'm a friend of sean's, i work at CDI signs and could make signs, banners, and or stickers for this or any of the memorials, and fundraisers, if someone wanted to design something, I can do digital prints straight onto banners or signs (for photos) or cut vinyl

    so if anyone out there has any computer design experience (especially vector) i could take care of the production end, i could also do simpler layouts myself if someone has an idea of how they want it to look or images they want it to feature

  3. could we have your direct contact info?

  4. yeah sorry about that, my e-mail is and my phone number is 360-941-3230, i probably won't be able to do anything by this weekend but i could get things done next week

  5. Can the person coordinating this event email me?
    I've got a pretty good list of items being donated.

    I have tomorrow off (Friday) and will be driving down to Seattle to pick up a good chunk of the stuff.

    I'll get all the items in a spreadsheet with the values so it's easy for you to setup for the silent auction.

    We're out of town Sunday-Thursday of next week and I want to be sure you guys get the goods by the time you need them. If it's not too close to the event, I can bring everything up next Friday.

    That being said, I won't be able to setup breakfast and dinners for the searchers while I'm out of town. Hopefully someone can take over that part for me. I've just been calling local restaurants and explaining the situation. Everyone has been quick to help out.

    Thanks to everyone involved...

  6. I am pretty sure this event has been cancelled...

    Amy- once again such an amazing effort.... If you can hold on to these items until the big event that would be great... if not I believe that Michelle from Jinx said she had space and was willing to do that. Other than that I know that there are some specific people that will be handling the auction so we will keep you posted... you amaze me.