Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what does everyone think?


  1. sugar said...
    hey all,
    so much thanks to everyone for searching and having hope.
    ok, i have good news about fundraising stuff...
    i spoke with aaron from the copper hog, and he said that an afternoon fundraising event would be cool there on june 20th. we could use the outside patio and the inside lounge to display gunther and donnkie's art. he said that he just needed to keep it an open event, (ie: keep it open for business to the general public), and would like to have the inside dining area, (not lounge) free.
    in addition our band, (sugar sugar sugar) would be into playing for the benefit. we LOVE those boys SO much. we have a show that night in tacoma, so we'd have to be done playing by about 4 or 5... aaron said we could set up outside in the patio, which i think would be bad ass, and would draw passer-byers in to the event. people walking from farmer's market, etc...
    lupe (360)-510-2848
    ps: could someone who's hip to this whole blogging business figure out how to make this event a new post?

    June 10, 2009 3:14 PM
    Carey said...
    Brent Cole (What's Up! Magazine) and I (Carey Ross, Cascadia Weekly) have done some preliminary talking about setting up a benefit as well, as we have a fair amount of experience in this area. Pretty sure, if given the go ahead, we can nail down venue(s), bands, press/promo, etc. If we could coordinate our efforts with anything anyone else might be doing, that would be great. Don't hesitate to email either one of us ( or and let us know any/all things you might need.

    June 10, 2009 3:22 PM
    melissa said...
    So it sounds like there are some really good ideas out there and people motivated to work on these projects.

    I think (in not talking to anyone else) that The Copper Hog sounds great for a quickly put together fundraiser for the 20th. maybe we could do a raffle and art show with the music or something fairly simple, because we have only the afternoon in that space.
    Thank you Sugar, sugar, sugar... that was really nice.

    AND/OR we could work with Cheri, Carey and Brent and have a bigger more planned festivity.

    I would love to hear feedback and ideas from everyone regarding these ideas so we can (as a group) make some decisions and move forward on things.
    you guys are all so super rad.

    June 10, 2009 5:08 PM

  2. I think a couple events would be fitting given the impact Gunther and Donkee has on the community.

    A fundraiser within a couple weeks is a great idea.

    Then another show in the first couple of weeks in July - something where we (Carey, myself and whoever would like to help) could bring together some of the bands that Gunther loved and that loved Gunther... as well as some of Donkee's favorites. I thought possibly having a showing/reception at Jinx prior to the show would be fitting. Maybe hang some of Donkee's work while also running a slide show of Gunther's work (Michelle's great idea). Make it, for lack of a better term, an epic night celebrating these two wonderful people.

    If it's in July, Carey and I can promote it heavily in our respective papers.

    Also, What's Up! will be doing some type of feature/spread/something on Gunther and Donkee in the next issue. I've spoken with Nora about it, but if anyone has ideas, please e-mail me at

    I didn't know Donkee, but Gunther worked with the magazine for seven or eight years. I want to do a fitting tribute, but would like input from people who knew him better. He was a wonderful guy who I will miss dearly...

  3. like i said, i will offer up whatever assistance i can render for whatever fundraising efforts take place.

    in my mind, the benefit should accomplish three things:
    1. give friends and family an opportunity to gather and remember together.
    2. raise as much money as we can to offset search and other costs.
    3. showcase some of gunther's and donnkie's art so people can have a chance to see it.

    toward that end, it makes sense to invest a little time in planning (although having more than one benefit--like june 20 at copper hog and then another a little farther down the road--is also certainly doable), so we can get some of donnkie and gunther's favorite bands on board, coordinate artwork and any kind of memorial-type activities with friends and family, and really spread the word far and wide. nailing down whatever venue would be best should be no problem, given how much time gunther's spent inside all of them with his camera and how eager everyone is to help (i'm thinking the nightlight might work well, as it has ample space to hang artwork and the capacity to hold a lot of people as well).

    that's just my two cents. but no matter what gets decided, i (and the weekly) will support it in any/all ways we can.

  4. Meagan Conner mentioned in another post that she spoke with Flann and that he would be happy to do some fundfraising at the Stuff Anyss show at the Nightlight on Saturday the 13th. Has anybody else spoken with him or directed him to a family member to coordinate a way to get funds to the right person/people?

  5. Carey and Brent it sounds like you know what you are doing in the fundraising world, have many conections and knew Donk and Gunther super well. My vote is for a big July event to be worked on by you guys and a smaller event to be worked by others in bellingham for the 20th... I think it sounds like a good plan, but I think before we get too far into this we need to speak with all of the family members and see how they feel about it and if they even want the money... and then if they do- we can really get to work. How does everyone feel about this?

    As far as the Stuff Anyss show this Saturday, I don't think anybody has anything ready yet for the fundraising effort. But, raffles are kinda easy maybe someone wants to get some cool stuff from the community and sell tickets...? But, lets save some of the other stuff for a more planned event.
    I know Amy Sible has done a lot of canvasing and getting donations set up, does anybody want to connect with her and work on getting donations from the community?

  6. Yes Stiff Anus!!!! Saturday July 13th (I imagine)? OK I just need to know if we are going to do an art/whatever fundraiser silent auction? which show? I could have a couple pieces for both. I have contacted a couple local artist. the nightlight has beautiful wall to display art. we could do a cool art show/fundraiser. Jewelry/Art ect ect. I know of a snowboard video guy with lots and lots of crazy footage of Donkey and I'm sure head be down to get some stuff together. Maybe even a short video on donkey we could sell at one of the events. He is in Chile so it would take some time. Maybe the Stiff Anus (love saying that) Show.
    Let me know how I can help

  7. I'll bet you Ladies of the Night would play too. I know they're friends of Donkey's.
    Both of them are so well loved, I was thinking we'll need a stadium to fit everyone! Like the one across from the skatepark. Skate jam(not a structured contest) of epic proportions seems both fitting and inevitable considering Donk's talent, & love for it, made it a lifestyle. Having their favorite bands ROCKIN' at the park, while their friends f'n rip it up Donkey style(that means give it all you got!) would be RAD.
    He loved cooking & feeding friends so add that...& a beer garden of course! So many extremely talented friends of theirs, from artists of all kinds, to snow/skate would send Gunther into a photographing frenzy for sure!

    Does it sound REDONKULOUSS enough yet? if our/their professional artist/skater friends did a graffiti collaboration all over the park so amazing the city would leave it there?
    Between the skate park, with the dirt bike park next to it, the giant parking lot across the street, we might all fit.

  8. Sorry for the "Stuff Anyss" typo in my above post. Totally unfortunate and ridiculous.

  9. ya the stiff anus show is a good idea. i work with a bandmember, haven't asked him about it but will tomorrow... also, what about the nitelight, can we get something together in time...has anyone talked to them?
    Also, if anyone is going out searching, stop in trader joes and ask for jayme. we can donate some snacks to the effort. i'll be there all friday until 3...

  10. Anyone who would like to contact Flann about raffling/fundraising at the show on Sat, you can send me your contact info and I can relay that to him (not sure if he has been following this blog).

    Having a fundraiser at such short notice is likely to have a smaller turnout, but anything helps at this point. Anybody that has any ideas or things to contribute can contact me at

    Also, if anyone can give me the contact info for Donnkie and Gunther's parents, it would be greatly appreciated. It's pointless to have the money without anyone to give it to!

  11. I agree about fundraising on such short notice and the only thing I think could happen for this weekend is possibly a raffle, if people are willing to go out and canvas the community... other than that it would have to be either a portion of the cover or something like add a dollar to the cost of a drink! Just throwing those out there, but it doesn't sound like anything much will be ready by this weekend.
    I am working on getting the families set up with an account, so hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days. We can't give their info out, but if you have a specific concern I can get them a message.
    My phone # is 503-310-4747
    Thanks for the help!

  12. Larry- I love your ideas! lets keep them on the burner and see where they fit in!

  13. we at the Lucky Dumpster in edison can donate the use of our studio space for any type of fundraising activity.

  14. Perhaps THE TRUCKS could do one last gig? Both boys were fans, that show would bring in lots of fans and friends!!! I dnt know them personally, but I do know it is a brilliant idea.

  15. I mean, I do not know the "ladies of the trucks" but I think they do give a %*£# !!

  16. when i think of gunthar i think of Ween.

  17. CAREY and BRENT please contact me for scheduling an event at the Nightlight(2nd weekend?) in July if you have not already spoken with Matt. Let's get this rolling.

  18. Let me know if I can be of any help with the organization efforts for the traveling art show in Portland. An opening with live music would be great.

  19. Dave Mosier, I know you have the best intentions and your ideas are solid and valid, but, I think you need to slow down a bit. The families are just needing to take care of them selves and the business side of things... and the reality of it all. I think they might be feeling a little protective of Gunther and his art right now, and that is totally understandable... so we really need to respect that and let them come to us, OK? After speaking with family members I can positively say, that will be too much right now. Maybe down the line we can look at that again though. Thanks for being so inspired.

  20. This is all coming together through the efforts of many many many people!