Monday, June 8, 2009

Search Party Update:

Lea Kelley said...

Search Party Update:

Today we covered the entire coastal part of the Bay from Fairhaven to the Lummi on Foot.
Jeff is still out with the boats.
Orange Life Jacket spotted on Portage Island turned out to be a can.
There is a search plane up right now and will be up again tomorrow.
Jeff and Joel are going back to Chuckanut with the boat this evening.

Day Search Party Has just handed off the Baton to the Evening Search Party— contact Elena to volunteer.

Thank you Boundary Bay and Skagit Co-op for the food and water and coffee. We appreciated it so much.
Leftovers have been donated to the family.
If folks would like to regroup again tomorrow call Lea at 360-510-3658

A wonderful group of people worked very hard today at Searching.
Thank you all so much.


  1. Thank you so much for coordinating, Lea. I brought back a life jacket from Lummi Shore Dr. very near where we were parked. It was pretty far up the beach and had a little cobwebbing on it but I am no CSI and it is not at all sunbleached. I must work tomorrow but I will be checking in.


  2. Is there anyone who can describe these Items on the boat?
    I'm getting "We found...." phone calls.
    The Seats
    Life Jackets
    Or any other items that may let us know we are looking in an important area?
    Night search team found
    White boat vinyl boat seat at Sandy point.
    I know we are not CSI but it could give us a clue about where we should pay even more attention.

  3. PS
    Rich, you were great today! You guys are real troupers and covered so much ground!
    Thank YOU!

  4. I have just returned from Cherry Point. I walked the entire shoreline from the BP dock to the Conico Philips Dock. I found:

    white vinyl cushion: 2ft x 4ft jean material on bottom. clear up on shore, but damp as if it has recently been in the water.

    red bouy marked:5327 Joe

    Hi Tech boot: size 13, no laces

  5. You might want to take a look at the photos on Gunther's Flickr stream to see if any of the items match up with items from pics of his boat:
    This is specifically the set of pics of the Scumdinger. Just a thought...

  6. I also want to thank Jeff for his knowledge of the water, boats, leadership. I was especially thankful for the assortment of food and water from Skagit Co-Op and the delcious chowder and energizing coffee from Boundary Bay. You guys are awesome!
    I have a Massage Table and Chair which I can set up somewhere for some stress release. I currently don't have a space but I'm totally portable and will share my equipment. I am a skilled Masseur but no longer do it professionally due to tendinitis.
    -Rich C.

  7. We tried to check Mud Bay, & the lagoon near where we hauled the boat from, but the tide was too high in these places so we were unable to make it far along the shore. Came across 2 people (1 with binoculars)at this lagoon past Post Point & they were headed out the tracks to Clark's point.

    We also checked out around the point below Seaview. Lots of people in the area between the parking below Seaview & Little Squalicum, couldn't walk the beach though because of the tide.


    We will be meeting at 10 am Greyhound Parking Lot (Same Place)
    Next to the ferry terminal in Fairhaven.

    If you cannot be there at 10:00am and arrive later, look for a Burgundy Dodge Truck.
    The back of the truck will be open and you will find maps, water, and the phone numbers of Lea or Jeff to let you know where to go.

    We have found debris from the boat and are forming an idea of other places to focus our search according to the tides and currents.

    Things to bring:
    The things some of you have found
    Charged cell phones

    Thank you for all the searchers today and also to the second group this evening.
    We will keep at it.

  9. I have looked at the photos from the boat. The cushion I found at Cherry Point looks very much like the ones from the boat. Were all three cushions accounted for? I have a picture on my phone if anyone would like to look at it. (360)920-2200. Also, if anyone can identify the bouy 5327 Joe.(should be someones address)The coast guard is the only one that would be able to search the refinery dock area and close surrounding beach areas. 400 yards in both directions I think?

  10. We checked south of Chuckanut Bay. Couldn't get to the north shore of Governor's Point, but looked over Wildcat Cove and accessible parts of Larrabee. Hit everything we could reach from there down to Blanchard. Skipped Clayton Beach since plenty of cars were parked, figured it was covered. Checked the mouth of Oyster Creek and dodged through the tunnel to check the cove north. Didn't go out to the camp at Dogfish cause folks are always there. Also skipped the nude beach at Partridge Point as folks are always there if it's sunny. Had a pretty good look on down to Blanchard some ways past the wrecked boat at the end of the old sea wall. But there is plenty more we didn't get to on out to Samish Island. We left word with locals down at Taylor shellfish and they will pass it on to folks who live south, past Chuckanut Manor.

  11. I can't confirm this but my guess on the buoy, depending on its size and shape, would be that it is from crab pots in the area (specifically Lummi's). I again would guess that the number is a commercial fisher ID# because any recreational buoys are required to have full name, address and sometimes phone number.