Monday, June 8, 2009

need help identifying found objects

Does anybody know what shoes they were wearing or what might have been in the boat?  Some things are washing ashore, but we don't know if they were theirs or not...  and if we should look harder in that area...  anybody?


  1. I just posted the link to Gunther's flickr photo stream of the Scumdinger under another post. Might be helpful...
    There are a lot of pics but if you look through them you will see life jackets, seat cushions, etc...

  2. Rita said...
    I have just returned from Cherry Point. I walked the entire shoreline from the BP dock to the Conico Philips Dock. I found:

    white vinyl cushion: 2ft x 4ft jean material on bottom. clear up on shore, but damp as if it has recently been in the water.

    red bouy marked:5327 Joe

    Hi Tech boot: size 13, no laces

  3. There were at least 2 white vinyl cushions taken away from the boat on Saturday. Don't recall any jean material on them...

  4. photos of the stuff from the boat.

  5. WE ARE MEETING AGAIN TUES. AT 10:00 AM BEHIND GREYHOUND STATION IN FAIRHAVEN. Please bring any items found to cross reference with know items on the boat. We also need to know where each item was found, so we may construct a "flow map" and make a game plan for Tuesday. ANY AND ALL COMMENTS, THOUGHTS, and IDEAS are ENCOURAGED AND WELCOME. See you, family and friends at TEN! PS. Thank you all so much for your efforts. Jeff, 223-2327 (not past eleven tonight, but as early as seven tomorrow)