Tuesday, July 14, 2009

t- shirts

http://www.slowshirts.com/ (click on the yellow bus) or

The drawing of both VWs and printed shirts are by Jessica Lynch who has donated her time and talent to help us raise funds. This money will be spent to reimburse the costs of the search effort, for eventual family services, and whatever charities the families deem appropriate. Buy a kick-ass shirt that will put a smile on your face as you remember our friends, and make a gesture to their families that will in a small way try and help fix a completely unfixable situation.

A limited number of t-shirts will be on sale at least one night of a 3-day event during the weekend of July 17th-19th. This event is meant to celebrate the lives of Donnkie and Gunther with the art and music they loved, as well as to raise money for their families. By a shirt, a raffle ticket, donate items to raffle off at the event...or just show up and remember their lives and contributions to our community. 

Contact me at info@​jinxartspace with questions, offers, or any photographs of either boys to be used in a slideshow on the 18th.

Thanks and love,


  1. Our server was down for a day, so I may have missed some e-mails. But. The etsy site also says "ignore the shirt count, we are NOT sold out". They have some to sell online and I have 40 to sell at the events, sized small through extra-large. All proceeds go to the families.


  2. For those who ordered shirts from WWS in June, Please pick them up by Wednesday July 22. Many people have been asking to buy them, and they have been put on hold for those that ordered them. after Wewdnesday, it will be a first come first serve. Thanx for your support!

  3. Spacecraft just put out their "ALL STAR sticker sheet". If you are not familiar with what that is, is a HUGE sheet of stickers of photo's showing local boarders and skiers doing their thing. I was asked by spacecraft to use my Donnkie & Gunther bus drawing, and it is included on the sheet. It's the only sticker that is a drawing and not a photo. I'm pretty sure they are FREE upon request. If you did not get your hands on one of the shirts we printed (they are now sol out), track down a sticker sheet from SPACECRAFT and get a sticker of the "two lonely buses" image.

    Love to all.


    Slow Loris