Friday, July 10, 2009

here's the all-the-way-confirmed, set-in-stone rundown JULY 17TH-19TH

Friday, July 17 @ Boundary Bay Brewery (1107 Railroad Ave.): Music by Sugar Sugar Sugar, All-Nighters, and Ladies of the Night. Silent auction featuring deluxe donated goodies. Music will start at 8ish or so, although bidding on silent auction items starts a few hours earlier. All-ages until 10pm, then we kick the kiddies out.

Saturday, July 18 @ Nightlight Lounge (211 E. Chestnut St.): Music by The Trucks, A Gun That Shoots Knives, Guinness and the Reps, the Daffodils, and Go Slowpoke. Slideshow of Gunther's and Donnkie's lives and art, as well as raffle of more deluxe donated goodies. DJ AbbyNorml will spin between sets.

Suggested donation for each of the Boundary/Nightlight shows is $5. Proceeds will go to benefit the Frank/Mansfield families.

Sunday, July 19 @ Bellingham's Skate Park: Skate Jam feat. the sweet skate stylings of whoever wants to throw down and DJ'ed music by DJ Moonboots. 

If anyone has questions, feel free to let them know to post them to the blog or to contact me directly ( Even if I can't answer their questions myself, I can get them pointed in the right direction.


  1. Hey--

    This is Sean with Double Crown Records here in town. I would like to donate some CD's to be auctioned/raffled off at the shows. I tried e-mailing Carey but haven't heard from her yet. I probably can't attend the Friday show, but will be at the Saturday show. I'd like to donate to both though. What is the best way to get some CD's and swag to the organizers? Answers can be posted here, or via e-mail to me at:

  2. sean, i just emailed you. sorry. you got sent to my overactive spam folder.


  3. Hi, I want to sandblast a design into granite, IN HONOR of Donnkie and Gunther.....I cry when I work on this project, as they were both too fucking young and brilliant to not still be here with us. I would love to bring it up to the Bham this weekend. I design and sandblast headstones regularly, and have everything available to make a plaque for Gunther and Donnkie :( I could show someone the design if anybody is interested. Please, this is not me trying to make 2 headstones for my friends. This is me, just wanting to use my trade to make a respectable piece of art for 2 of the most amazing gentleman ever.xo Lucy Mae (360)708-0403